Climahypocrite Launches New Feminist Fight Against Hotcoldwetdry

Let’s give it up to Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland, big shot member of the United Nations, who runs all around the world on fossil fueled vehicles, as she does this which is about something something

Mary Robinson launches new feminist fight against climate change

Women around the world who are leading the fight against climate damage are to be highlighted by Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland and UN high commissioner, in the hopes of building a new global movement that will create “a feminist solution for climate change”.

Perhaps more revolutionary still, the new initiative is light-hearted in tone, optimistic in outlook and presents positive stories in what the originators hope will be seen as a fun way.

Called Mothers of Invention, the initiative will kick off with a series of podcasts showcasing the work of grassroots climate activists at a local level, as well as globally resonant initiatives such as the legal challenges under way in numerous jurisdictions to force governments to adhere to the Paris agreement goals. Scientists and politicians feature alongside farmers and indigenous community leaders from Europe, the US and Australia to India, Kenya, South Africa and Peru.

So, what, exactly, are they going to be doing, and what makes them “feminist”?

“Climate change is a manmade problem that requires a feminist solution,” she said ahead of the podcast launch. “What we are hoping to do is create a movement. Climate change is not gender-neutral – it affects women far more. So this is not about climate change, it is about climate justice.”

The movement, she added, would grow organically from the women who feature and the women who join in: “It will be happening in an unstructured way, which is all the better, because we are not prescribing what a feminist solution should look like, we are listening – we want women to tell us what they want. That to me is more interesting.”

Huh? So, she wants women, who can’t decide what to eat or what to wear, to come up with solutions? And, by organic, she means directed by progressive Cult of Climastrology big wigs. At some point, I’m wondering if they are going to offer solutions, and change their lives to match their beliefs. Because the story doesn’t really offer anything but some yammering, calls for Other People to pay the price, and

The series will bring in issues of colonialism, racism, poverty, migration and social justice and how these are bound up with feminism and the effects of climate change, and will include related environmental issues such as plastic pollution.

In other words, this is all just left wing social justice warrior whining and Victimhood, using ‘climate change’ as an excuse. Same old bullshit.

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