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The NY Times Apparently Is Good With Gay Bashing If They Can Smear Trump

When will the NY Times denounce the NY Times opinion pages? (via Twitchy) In this episode of Trump Bites, Donald Trump’s not-so-secret admiration for Vladimir Putin plays out in a teenager’s bedroom, where the fantasies of this forbidden romance come to life. https://t.co/cWeQMuzWUz pic.twitter.com/4shBRkloot — NYT Opinion (@nytopinion) July 16, 2018 And when will the […]

If All You See…

…are mountains which lost all the glaciers and OMG(aia) we’re doomed, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Blazing Cat Fur, with a post on facial recognition at concerts.

CNN: France’s World Cup Win A Win For Africa And All Immigrants Or Something

Sorry, French people, your World Cup win is not yours, so says Peniel Joseph France’s World Cup win is a victory for immigrants everywhere France’s electrifying 4-2 World Cup win over Croatia represents a victory for Africa and immigrants everywhere. The team’s success is particularly noteworthy because of the way in which anti-immigrant sentiment, especially against migrants […]

We Should Be Talking About ‘Climate Change’ Because A Woman’s Baby Can’t Sleep At Night Or Something

Personally, I’d recommend turning on the air conditioning and living in modern world, but, hey, we all know that a 1.5F increase in global temperatures over 170 years is doom My baby can’t sleep from the heat, why aren’t we talking about climate change? Irritated and covered in sweat, yet again my two year old […]

Gun Grabbers Upset That People Are Licensing Their Guns, British Edition

Gun grabbers throughout the First World always tell us that they do not want to take our guns, they just want to keep them out of the hands of criminals. That they want universal background checks and that guns should be registered. That they’re worried about “assault rifles” which they now call “weapons of war.” […]

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