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News Outlet Which Leads In TDS Decides To Tell Us What TDS Is

I was going to tell you about the #ZeroHour demonstration which went on today with all the kiddies, but, it apparently failed so badly OMG today’s “action” is non-stop hilarity! I noticed their live feed only points at the podium because it sounds like there are about 30 people in the crowd. Thank goodness we’ll […]

If All You See…

…is a land turned to desert while the oceans flood, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Powers That Be, with a post on the quintessential Barack Obama.

Good News: Socialists Bernie Sanders And Alexandra Occasio-Cortez Want To Turn Kansas “Red”

Well, there’s no doubt that the pair are definitely red (or is that green, since they’re super excited to spend other people’s money?), but, wrong context (Daily Caller) Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made an unfortunate slip during a campaign stop with Sen. Bernie Sanders on behalf of Kansas Democratic Congressional candidate Brent Welder Friday. “Hello everybody,” […]

Canadian Warmist Recommends Government Pass Laws To Hold Fossil Fuels Companies Liable

The Cult of Climastrology has been at it since the late 1980’s, ramping up their particular schtick of climate change doom year after year. They have the majority of the news media in their corner, yet, people really do not care that much. They issue typically ranks very low on lists of things people care […]

LA Times: Democrats Need A Coherent Policy On Immigration Or Something

Justin Gest and Tyler Reny are asking quite a bit. Kinda like asking your dog to drive you to work when you’re hungover To win over moderates, Democrats need a coherent immigration policy Two conflicting trends emerge from a new poll conducted by the Washington Post and the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason […]

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