Canadian Warmist Recommends Government Pass Laws To Hold Fossil Fuels Companies Liable

The Cult of Climastrology has been at it since the late 1980’s, ramping up their particular schtick of climate change doom year after year. They have the majority of the news media in their corner, yet, people really do not care that much. They issue typically ranks very low on lists of things people care about, and nosedives further when the cost of Doing Something is introduced. So, what’s their big idea?

B.C. lawyer says it’s time for oil companies to pay their share of climate change costs

More than 50 B.C. organizations are calling for climate liability legislation that could smooth the way for lawsuits similar to the ones brought by major U.S. cities in an effort to force fossil fuel companies to cover their share of climate costs.

On Friday, Baltimore became the latest American city to file a lawsuit that asked the courts to hold oil companies financially responsible for climate impacts, the day after a U.S. judge dismissed a similar suit filed by New York City. (snip)

Andrew Gage, a lawyer with West Coast Environmental Law, said similar cases could be fought in Canada now, but there would be a lot of complicated legal questions to answer, and he expects oil companies would appeal them all.

Well, we can’t have people and companies defending themselves, and winning, can we?

It would be less expensive and more transparent for the government to develop legislation that clarifies responsibility for climate change, he said.

“At some point we have to ask whether tax payers alone should be paying for those costs or whether there should be some way to recover them from an industry that has made hundreds of billions of dollars in profits selling the products that gave rise to many of these problems,” Gage said — especially as the costs of climate change continue to rise.

This way leads Fascism. It may work in Canada, which doesn’t have the same type of First and Fourth Amendment protections we have here in the United States. And while the Canadian government doesn’t have any plans to institute laws that would hold fossil fuels companies liable in order to shake them down take their legally earned money, don’t discount that they’re thinking about it.

But, again, it’s funny that Warmists rail against fossil fuels so much but almost never give up their own use of fossil fuels.

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7 Responses to “Canadian Warmist Recommends Government Pass Laws To Hold Fossil Fuels Companies Liable”

  1. jefferson says:

    Do you think the tobacco companies were mistreated by the US justice system?

    • formwiz says:

      Got nothing to do with justice, everything to do with an excuse to impose more taxes.

      Even little Jeffery knows this.

      • Jalal al-Din says:

        Granted, the government should have put the tobacco industry out of business.

        The Exxon Mobil PAC gave 91% of their funds to Republicans. Do you think that influences Republican’s “ignorance” regarding climate change?

  2. covjefe says:

    The governments need to recognize their own collusion in global warming. We’ve known the dangers of unrestricted burning of fossil fuels for decades and have done little.

    Why? Corporations donate to Democrats and Republicans and the politicians support policies favorable to the industry.

    • formwiz says:

      The government knows there’s no such thing, but idiots like Jeffery still vote for tax-and-s;pend Leftists.

      • Jalal al-Din says:

        Tax and spend, LOL.

        How do you like the NuGOP (trumpitistas) with their Don’t Tax and Spend Even More policies? How about tRump’s taxes (tariffs) on all US consumers and the layoffs and shutdowns that are resulting? What did tRump’s tax “cut” save you? 100 bucks? His stupid tariffs will cost you much more.

        The white nationalists love them some tRump, not because of his destructive economic policies, but because you love his xenophobia and racism. You tolerate his degradation of America because he supports your hatred.

    • jappy says:

      Carbon Dioxide is plant food and the earth is greening

      If you don’t like it, restrict you breathing

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