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Surprise: Coastal Shorelines Mostly Stable Or Growing

You know how climate doom from Other People using fossil fueled vehicles, buy products, using air conditioning, taking showers longer than 2 minutes, etc and so on is supposed to cause sea level doom? Never mind (NoTricksZone) Accelerating sea level rise due to global warming is supposed to eat away at the shorelines across the […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible, electricity sucking smartphone, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is America’s Watchtower, with a post on Rod Rosenstein’s unusual request on Brett Kavenaugh.

NY Times Wonders If ‘Climate Change’ Has Something To Do With Thailand Floods

In the wake of the kids being trapped in the cave, you just knew someone had to run something like this. In this case, it’s the NY Times’ Nadja Popovich and Kendra Pierre-louis, who want to remind us that no one’s suggesting that the kids being trapped was climate change, it’s just climate change Does […]

Landmark Settlement Is A Nightmare For Gun Grabbers, Especially On “Assault Rifles”

This is bad news for the anti-gun crowd (who often have firearms themselves (see Alyssa Milano’s husband) and/or armed protection, at times weapons that the average American is banned from having), but not as bad as being portrayed, except for one thing A LANDMARK LEGAL SHIFT OPENS PANDORA’S BOX FOR DIY GUNS FIVE YEARS AGO, 25-year-old […]

“News Investigation”: Brett Kavanaugh Used Credit Cards To Buy Baseball Tickets

The Washington Post’s Amy Brittain has did a big, big investigation (she read a few documents, most likely provided by some hyper-leftwing outlet) of Brett Kavanaugh, and found something that should totally end his chances to be on the Supreme Court Supreme Court nominee incurred tens of thousands of dollars of credit card debt by […]

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