Surprise: Coastal Shorelines Mostly Stable Or Growing

You know how climate doom from Other People using fossil fueled vehicles, buy products, using air conditioning, taking showers longer than 2 minutes, etc and so on is supposed to cause sea level doom? Never mind

(NoTricksZone) Accelerating sea level rise due to global warming is supposed to eat away at the shorelines across the globe. However a recent paper published in the journal Nature here authored by a team scientists led by Arjen Luijendijk found that some 75% of the world’s sandy shorelines are stable or growing!

An analysis of satellite-derived shoreline data indicates that 24% of the world’s sandy beaches are eroding at rates exceeding 0.5 m/yr, but 28% are accreting and 48% are stable.

Also erosion rates exceed 5 m/yr along 4% of the sandy shoreline and are greater than 10 m/yr for 2% of the global sandy shoreline.

According to the paper, the application of an automated shoreline detection method to the sandy shorelines resulted in a global dataset of shoreline change rates for the 33 year period 1984–2016.

The scientists also found that Australia and Africa are the only continents for which net erosion (−0.20 m/yr and −0.07 m/yr respectively) is found, with all other continents showing net accretion.

What does all this mean

[Aftab Alam Khan at the Department of Geology, University of Dhaka in Bangladesh] added that the prediction of 4–6.6 ft sea level rise in the next 91 years between 2009 and 2100 is “highly erroneous”!

It means that things on Earth change, sometimes quickly, sometimes not, and that this Holocene warm period is nothing to be concerned about. It’s primarily natural.

Of course, members of the Cult of Climastrology will say “it might not be happening yet, but it’s coming! Doom soon!”

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  1. McGehee says:

    The, the, the rising ocean levels are depositing more sand on the beaches! Yeah, that’s the ticket! And, and, not only is that bad because eventually the continents will be, will be, will be nothing but sandy beaches from sea to shining sea, but… but they’ll make islands bigger too, and then eventually the oceans will have risen so high nobody will be able to find them because of all the sand! Yeah! Yeah! You’ll see, you climate hater you!

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