Liberals Are Super Psyched To Taunt Trump With Four Baby Trump Balloons

Serious question: should people who act in such a juvenile manner be allowed to vote? Because they’re obviously not mature enough to make serious decisions

Four ‘Baby Trumps’ are ready to taunt the President at Bedminster. Will the FAA let them ‘fly’?

The massive ‘Baby Trump’ balloon that gained global fame photo-bombing the London skyline during President Trump’s visit to the U.K could soon be headed to Bedminster, thanks to a group of Democratic activists who hope to taunt the President whenever he stays at any of his golf courses.

But there’s still one problem that might put Baby Trump in a corner: Some rather obscure FAA regulations on dirigible airships.

“There’s no local ordinance preventing us from doing it,” said Jim Girvan a retired Somerset county worker who’s now a Democratic activist with the Branchburg Democrats. “But obviously he adds a different element to the calculation.”

“He” of course, is the non-inflatable President, and both the U.S. Secret Service and Federal Aviation Administration have strict rules about what can and cannot enter the FAA’s Temporary Flight Restriction area that surrounds him.

The upshot is, as long as they are tethered to the ground and have the ability to quickly deflate if they come loose, then they should be OK.

“I guess we’ll have to find that out,” said Girvan. “We’re still negotiating with the U.K. group to get their permission to manufacture it here. I don’t know anything about helium balloons; it might very well be a standard piece of equipment.”

Knows nothing about helium balloons. Well, this sounds safe

Instead of simply having the Trump Baby shipped over from the U.K. Girvan explained he plans to use their blueprints and design molds and have them built by an American manufacturer, to avoid any accusations of foreign interlopers meddling in U.S. elections.

In the comments, NJProfessor makes an interesting point

Hopefully, no, they will not allow it to fly. For 8 years, all we heard were cries of respecting the office, even if we didn’t respect the man. Odd how that position has changed, now that a Democrat is no longer in office. I honestly can’t believe that anyone with a shred of character and integrity would promote this type of stunt. I detested Obama, but I never would have considered any type of degrading stunt. There are better uses for the money and energy. Think of how many people in a homeless shelter it could feed. Or, in Democratic terms, the number of illegal immigrants it could support.

Good point. So far, I don’t remember Trump doing something truly bad like having a gun running scheme which lost around 2,500 guns, which ended up injuring and killing hundreds of people, including Mexican children and two U.S. federal agents, and even showed up in Paris after a terrorist attack. When Trump is behind something like that, let me know, Demochildren.

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5 Responses to “Liberals Are Super Psyched To Taunt Trump With Four Baby Trump Balloons”

  1. jefferson says:

    Serious question: should people who act in such a juvenile manner be allowed to vote?

    Do you have a plan to limit the right to vote? Maybe it shouldn’t be a right. Voter suppression is at the core of the GOP election strategy. Keep Dem voters home!

    You seriously point out juvenile behavior in others while tRump is president??

  2. Jl says:

    And here I thought they were going to run on the campaign slogan of “vote for us or we’ll scream at you in restaurants.”

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