Elephant In Room: Trump’s Press Conference

There’s so much reporting and analysis and commentary and such on a tiny portion of the press conference that’s it really is hard to get to the base detail. Should Trump apologize, not apologize, clarify?

(CNS News) President Trump’s press conference remarks in Helsinki are drawing fire from Democrats and Republicans at home, but one thing he did not do publicly was announce any concessions or tempering of administration policies that have arguably been tougher on Russia than those of his predecessors.

While Trump is being harshly criticized for his response to questions about President Vladimir Putin’s denials of meddling in the 2016 election, there were no indications of a softening in key areas of foreign policy differences – relating to Ukraine, Syria, Iran and ballistic missile defense in Europe.

“What Donald Trump says and what his administration does are not necessarily things that are closely related,” Danielle Pletka, senior vice president for foreign and defense policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, told the BBC after the summit.

She said the Trump administration “has in fact been very aggressive in pushing sanctions against Russian bad economic actors, Russian intelligence actors and others … who have played a bad role on the international stage.”

Pletka pushed back on the charge that Trump had raised little in public about Russian malfeasances.

“That’s the kind of accusation that I find the least sympathetic,” she said. “The Obama administration was completely indifferent to the suffering of the Syrian people, including when Russia got involved,” she said. “The Obama administration was completely uninterested in defending Crimea from Russia.”

She goes on to talk about the “moral equivalence”

Let’s not forget that the Obama administration, while Hillary Clinton was Sec of State, attempted to interfere in Russian elections, as well as Israel elections, Brexit, and others during Obama’s time in office.

One has to wonder if this was a planned statement from Trump, or an off the cuff gaffe? If people think Trump doesn’t plan almost everything using a giant SMART action plan (even down to things like screwing with Lefties on Twitter, up to intentional misspellings), you’d be wrong. And, while it’s important to consider the silly statement, also consider the full transcript of the post meeting statement

As president, I cannot make decisions on foreign policy in a futile effort to appease partisan critics, or the media, or Democrats who want to do nothing but resist and obstruct.

Constructive dialogue between the United States and Russia afford the opportunity to open new pathways toward peace and stability in our world. I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than to risk peace in pursuit of politics. As president, I will always put what is best for America and what is best for the American people.

Yeah, you should be upset about his answer to the question, but you should also consider everything else. And, don’t forget, most Democrats and media folks had zero problem with Obama’s cozy relationship with Iran, and all the money and stuff Obama gave them. Even Rand Paul is referring to Trump Derangement Syndrome regarding the over the top responses to the whole meeting.

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25 Responses to “Elephant In Room: Trump’s Press Conference”

  1. Nighthawk says:

    No, I am not upset with his answer. In my experience, people get the most pissed off when they hear the truth. Judging by the caterwauling and teeth gnashing by the left and RINO’s, Trump spoke the absolute truth.

    • david7134 says:

      A politician would have given an answer that would make zero sense. Trump seems to really the truth which always caused trouble, especially if the statement is true.

      I can imagine the situation Trump was in. He did not want to be an antagonist. Instead, he seems to desire a peaceful association with Russia. This is contrary to our attitude for about 70 years. It would seem that liberals and RINOs desire open war.

      Now did Russia do anything meaningful to our election? Likely not. After all, for the last year no one has said exactly what the Russians did. I know for certain that Soros manipulated the voting machines but know one desires to look into that.

      In, addition, I would trust the Russians over our intelligence services. Just look at the wmd issue with Iraq and the made up Russian collusion junk.

      Trump did well with Putin and is making us great again.

      • covjefe says:

        I know for certain that Soros manipulated the voting machines


        I would trust the Russians over our intelligence services

        That’s your right. Today, Trump reversed his position on intelligence (he laughably lied about one thing he said yesterday – “I said would instead of wouldn’t”). Why would trump now see he believes the intelligence, when he did not yesterday in front of Putin? He’s really lying, but you know he is. He’s saying to mollify the intense criticism. The GOP will tsk tsk for a couple days, then it’s business as usual.

        Just look at the wmd issue with Iraq and the made up Russian collusion junk.

        You make a good point about the WMD in Iraq and the policymakers who manipulated it to go to war. The intelligence agencies didn’t claim there was collusion, only that it was certain the Russian gov/t conducted a cyberattack on the US.
        Trump did well with Putin and is making us great again.

  2. covjefe says:

    tRump and Putin would like the U.S. and Russia to be partners in investigating Russia’s cyberattacks on America.

    Why didn’t George W. Bush partner with Al Qaeda to investigate 9/11?

    What if Japan at told FDR that they didn’t bomb Pearl Harbor. Would FDR say “What more can I do?”

    Donald Trump trusts Vladimir Putin more than he trusts his own country.

    In his defense: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    It says “defend the Constitution”, not “defend the United States”.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Argle bargle “Trump Putin” … “what if” argy bargy !!!

      little jeffery keene


    • formwiz says:

      Our newly formed “patriot” as always ignores the facts.

      Fake news glosses over a lot of truth or just makes up stuff to serve the agenda.

      Donald Trump trusts Vladimir Putin more than he trusts his own country.

      That, of course, is a lie. Trump trusts the American people. He does not trust the Deep State.

      • covjefe says:

        If tRump trusted the American people, he wouldn’t lie to us, or betray us.

        “Is not!!” they cry.

        Anyway, tRump stood on television and denounced 17 US intelligence services, organizations charged with gathering information to help keep us safe. tRump said Vlad told him in a “strong and powerful” way that Vlad denied it. That’s enough for tRump.

        tRump refused to push back or defend American institutions, calling them all liars. (As his zealous cult does).

        Those out to take over America promote a myth of a Deep State. Why, because American institutions stand between them and a Putin-like state.

        Putin wants to partner with tRump to divvy up the rest of the world, and tRump seems to be the willing asset. It’s why Putin wanted tRump elected.

        • drowningpuppies says:

          Anyway, tRump stood on television and denounced 17 US intelligence services, organizations charged with gathering information to help keep us safe.

          There you go lying again. little jeffery keene.
          Didn’t happen.
          The transcript is available.


  3. covjefe says:

    Senator Paul:

    Even in the height of the cold War, maybe at the lowest ebb when we were in the midst of the Cuban missile crisis, I think it was a good thing that Kennedy had a direct line to Khrushchev.

    Everyone: But when Khruschchev said they didn’t have missiles in Cuba, President Kennedy didn’t say “OK, Nikita, that’s good enough for me. How’s the Mrs?”

  4. covjefe says:

    “We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the US. We will destroy you from within” ~ Nikita Khrushchev, 1956

    Who would have thought a once great political party, the Republicans, would give away America for tax cuts, white nationalism and controlling women.

    • formwiz says:

      You are a miserable little liar.

      • covjefe says:

        Sticks and stones…

        When Con Men are defeated, they get angry and violent.

        tRump was wrong in his actions Monday, but will double down on his malfeasance and blame others. The server, Hillary, Obama, the FBI and on and on.

        He’s taking the correct path for him, encouraging his hard-core base, but alienating the rest. If he were to plead mea culpa, his base would view him as weak, even though his performance with Putin was as a whipped man.

        The rest of the world saw a weak man humiliated by a violent dictator.

        The NuGOP will huff and puff but in the end do nothing. tRump signs their tax cuts for the rich, they abide by his treatment of immigrant children, they agree with his deregulation, they toleRate his taRiffs (until the wealthy scream), they applaud his attacks on the working classes and recognize his attacks on Blacks, gays, immigrants and Muslims appeals to 35% of Americans. They calculate with their voter suppression, gerrymandering and Putin’s help that that’s enough for their minority to stay in power.

        After all, Putin got him elected even with tRump garnering millions fewer votes than his opponent. Well played, NuGOP, well played indeed.

    • david7134 says:

      Let me point out that you are the enemy. You are the representative of the mental attitude that is destroying our country. What is wrong with the US, look in the mirror, pill counter.

      • covjefe says:


        I’m the enemy because I don’t want America to become a Russian-style white nationalist enclave? That’s bizarre.

        What is your vision of a perfect America?

        Mine is one where everyone who can work has a job that pays enough to live on, support their family, send the kids to college and have a safe and secure later life. Do you disagree? We should protect ourselves at all times from invasion. All Americans should be afforded equal rights. I DO think America has a moral obligation to support freedom and democracy worldwide, and to oppose despots who deny human rights to their citizens. We should make our policy decisions based on evidence, humanity and reason.

        Can your perfect America have equal rights for all?

        You want to see what’s wrong with America, look in the mirror, patient killer.

        • david7134 says:

          For someone with such lofty ideals, you have politics that are the exact opposite. To justify your positions, you lie, misinterpret, misquote, denegrate, and carry on a generally juvenile attitude. Your general response to legitimate comments from others is best described as a troll. I was puzzled by this until you outed yourself and now know you do not have the academic credentials to relate to your superiors.

          • covjefe says:

            Tell me what you know about my academic credentials, please.

            I’ll be on the watch for legitimate comments. Could you help me out and signal when you see one?

            You support well-paying jobs for those able to work? Great. Do you have a workable plan for getting there? Universal healthcare, universal public education would help. A tax system that doesn’t shift the burden to the working classes would help. Patent, copyright and trademark reform. Immigration reform that doesn’t punish workers. Encouraging labor unions. Trade policies that don’t punish workers. Reform of political contribution policies – right now the rich get more “votes” since the Supreme Court declared that dollars = votes. Do you think Dem and GOP donors expect nothing in return? They expect policies that reward them and theirs.

            You know what, just Google Bernie Sanders’ platform – he’s got the idea. Why are corporate profits (rewarding shareholders and execs) going through the roof, but working class wage increases are still on the floor? Every policy since at least 1980 has benefited the wealthy and corporations, and Americans have been feeling the pinch acutely the past couple of decades. The FED regulates the economy by regulating employment. If inflation starts to creep up with full employment, usually as companies have to raise wages to attract workers, the FED raises the interest rate to “cool” off the economy.

            dave, I get that you don’t like to hear these things and that you think these ideas are communist or socialist or the enemy of America. You likely just want to read words that comfort and soothe your worldview, not challenge you.

            Have a great day.

          • david7134 says:

            You your comment is a perfect example of your intelligence. Your example of Bought Bernie as an example of how to help people sums up your knowledge, work experience and lack of insight. No need to exchange comments as it is above your pay grade.

  5. covjefe says:

    Donald Trump makes Americans miss every other American President.

  6. jefferson says:

    Just because tRump is overweight, you don’t have to call him names.

    And anyway, elephants aren’t even orange.

  7. drowningpuppies says:

    Well, the U.S. government DID meddle and try to interfere with the 2016 Presidential election way more than any Russian entity did or could.

    Funny thing is, IT DIDN’T WORK.


    • jefferson says:

      Proof please, thanks.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Trump did raise a very interesting point: the intelligence agencies saying the Russians interfered in the U.S. elections have not to this day taken possession of Hillary’s server. That’s similar to declaring someone guilty of murder without ever inspecting the crime scene.
        keep in mind that the man who was heading the CIA when this Russian interference was going on called today for Trump to be impeached. We also know that the head of the entire U.S. intelligence community when this interference was going on, James Clapper, has been virulently anti-Trump since day one. We know that a piece of unverified intelligence paid for by Hillary and produced by a British citizen based on Russian sources was used to get a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.


  8. Bill589 says:

    All of the RINOs and Dems hate what Donald did. I bet their
    billionaire cronies didn’t like it either. That’s the whole Swamp.
    I love it. He is pissing off all of the right people.

    China is meddling in our elections now much more than any other foreign country, and yet the MSM doesn’t mention them.

    But worse than that – worse than if all foreign nations tried to meddle in our elections – is that our own Leftist DC government meddles in our elections.
    That’s what certainly needs to stop.

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