Drones To Replace Fireworks Because Of ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

The Cult of Climastrology always has to link itself to every holiday

Fourth of July: drones to replace firework displays due to wildfire risk

The night sky above Aspen will light up with a patriotic display this Fourth of July as always – just not with the usual fireworks.

For the first time, the flashes of red, white and blue glowing against the dramatic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains will be provided by drones.

Wildfire risk is so high in the drought-stricken Rockies and across the American west that the renowned ski town has canceled the traditional Independence Day fireworks – as have a number of others in Colorado, Arizona, California and elsewhere.

And with experts warning that climate change is leading to prolonged drought and extreme fire risk in the longer term, drones and lasers could increasingly become the new fireworks.

Weirdly, most of these places are areas which tend to be rather dry to start with. But, of course, the CoC has to blame it on their climate gods, and make sure that everyone knows that mankind is horrible.

And this

Trump mucks up 4th of July for holiday travelers

As travelers hit the road for July –Fourth, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is alerting consumers to the potential harm to consumers and the U.S. economy of the Trump administration’s plan to roll back fuel economy standards. NRDC estimates how much more consumers would pay to be on the road nationally and in five states:  Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Trump’s rollback of clean car standards would hurt everyday Americans at the pump. The price of gas usually rises in the summer. Some analysts say that gas prices now are at their highest level since 2014. However, today’s cars, trucks, and SUVs cost less to fill up because they can go farther on a tank of gas. Vehicles have been getting more fuel efficient every year since 2012 because of the current standards.

Good grief. They can’t help themselves. Realistically, you won’t see most sedans start getting lower fuel economy, at least the four cylinder ones. But, the manufacturers won’t have to keep doing things that can make them less safe anymore. And, they can make bigger vehicles that get low MPGs and are very sturdy. Trump’s order was about getting rid of a CAFE standard that was unrealistic. There are still CAFE standards. But, resistance! Trump! Screaming and gnashing teeth!

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One Response to “Drones To Replace Fireworks Because Of ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    Hey, if people want more fuel efficient vehicles, they’ll buy them. It’s not like anyone is forcing people to buy SUVs.

    But, the choices of the American consumer have led Ford to cease building passenger cars other than the very popular Mustang:

    Faced with plunging demand and declining profits from its passenger car lineup, Ford will shift its resources to the booming side of the market: pickups, SUVs and crossover-utility vehicles,

    Ford will be building what consumers want. Alas! That’s not what Our Betters think we should buy.

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