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Obama’s Tire Gauges, Some Unhinged

Starting with The Carpetbagger Report Atrios asked this morning, “Does anyone understand why Obama suggesting that people keep their tires properly inflated is some sort of hilarious gaffe?” Yes, those of us NOT in the Reality Based Community Asylum do understand. Not that the RBC will get it, but, Barry is suggesting that properly inflated […]

How To Get The World To Hate Israel

Richard L. Cravatts writing at the History News Network As part of evaluating the competitive landscape of the popularity of nations, in a process referred to in marketing circles as ‘place branding,’ Israel, to no one’s great surprise, comes up short in brand likeability, ranking last out of 35 nations included in an August 2006 […]

Illegals Invited To Leave

Hopefully, they will take the hint Undocumented workers are in constant fear of sweeps by immigration agents. However, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, will soon give certain immigrants an option to come forward. “That would be horrible … I don’t think how the people feel, but I think it is horrible,” said Carmen Garcia, […]

Barry Has His Own Presidential Chair On His Plane

Isn’t that cute? He’s playing president. Barry’s not too presumptuous, is he? Barack Obama’s new campaign plane is nothing short of grand. Well, for the candidate that is. His chair has his name and campaign logo embroidered on the back top — “Obama ‘08” on one line and “President” underneath. To one side is a […]

House GOP To Continue Floor Protest Today

From John Boehner’s webpage House Republicans will be back on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives again Monday to continue the unprecedented protest that began last Friday, when dozens of Republicans joined hundreds of American citizens on the House floor to protest Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) decision to send Congress home for the […]

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