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Good News: Barry To Talk About Change

No, I am not going to watch The One and his speech. For the most part, I have avoided watching most of the conventions, both GOP and Dem, since 1992. Too much spin, too much pageantry and hyperbole, not enought substance. The passion seems to get lost in the backdrops and choreography. They all look […]

Don’t Question Dems Patriotism, Or Their Green Convention!

I mean, seriously, why would we question their reverence for our national icons, such as Isn’t that special? Via Newsbusters thru Red State, which have more pictures, this is behind the scenes at the DNC. How dare you question Dems patriotism! Or their having the greenest convention eveh! Notice what else is in the garbage bags? […]

McCain To Release Major Exciting Ad Tonight

Personally, I seriously doubt McCain will announce his VP pick this Thursday. It would be classless, and, I think he and his folks know that. But, this should be interesting. An ad released while The Messiah rises on his platform like Zeus or Addonis, to preach from the backdrop of Mt. Olympis. Via The Politico, […]

Anbar To Be Handed Over To Iraqi’s

How the hell did this get in to the NY Times? Usually, good news from Iraq stories show up in the Saturday edition. My theory is because all the editors are out getting drunk after a hard week of bashing Bush, Republicans, Conservatives, etc. Maybe they were a lit Wednesday night watching Big Dog speak […]

We Know Where The Obama’s Stand On Illegal Aliens

Typically, we know that Barry speaks in generalities, skirts the issues, provides little of substantive policy. Good thing Michelle Obama is there to tell us what he really thinks and wants to do, eh? Hispanics should not have to live in fear of raids by immigration agents, Michelle Obama told a Hispanic caucus to the […]

NY Times Now Links Obama With Martin Luther King, Jr.

I know some news days are slow, and they can only write so many gushing stories about The Messiah, but, sheesh, this is beyond pathetic: Witnesses to Dr. King’s Dream See a New Hope. It is even more pathetic that the Grey Lady pulls this on the anniversary of MLK’s I Have A Dream speech, […]

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