Anbar To Be Handed Over To Iraqi’s

How the hell did this get in to the NY Times? Usually, good news from Iraq stories show up in the Saturday edition. My theory is because all the editors are out getting drunk after a hard week of bashing Bush, Republicans, Conservatives, etc. Maybe they were a lit Wednesday night watching Big Dog speak

The American military will hand over responsibility for the security of Anbar Province, once a stronghold of the Sunni insurgency and one of the most violent regions in Iraq, to the Iraqi government as early as Monday, Iraqi and American officials said Wednesday.

The transfer would be a milestone for American officials, who have said that reduced violence in Anbar, a western province, shows that a partnership there with the local forces known as Awakening Councils has been successful.

The transfer would also be the first in a province bordering Baghdad, where there has been intense sectarian conflict. Other provinces that have been shifted to Iraqi control have been in the less troublesome south and in the northern Kurdish region.

FYI to the rest of the American media: the New York Times has spoken! Things are really going well in Iraq. You are now tasked to follow the Grey Lady’s lead and write positive stories on Iraq.

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