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Do It Yourself Checkout For Dummies

More and more in our society, we are having self checkout. We have long had self service at gas stations down here. It is hard to find full service. We have self checkout at WalMart’s, Lowe’s and the libraries. And, of course, supermarkets. It hasn’t caught on so much in the Northeast, like it has down here […]

Brad Miller (D-NC13) On Drilling Vote

Unfortunately, my Congressional critter is a Democrat. Still and all, I asked him if he would stand with the majority of the American People and call for a vote on drilling. Here is his answer Dear Mr. Good: Thank you for contacting me about off-shore drilling for oil and gas. I appreciate hearing from you […]

Bulletproof Bras

Yes, you read that right Thousands of German policewomen will receive what media have labeled “bullet-proof bras.”   Made of white cotton and featuring the word “Polizei” (Police) along the seam, the bras are meant to better protect police women who wear bullet-proof vests. What, no photos?

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To An Execution

What was it? Let’s look at the Reuters headline Texas defies World Court with execution Pardon me? I wasn’t aware that Democrats had completely taken over and abdicated our judicial system to the World Court. It gets better, too! Texas defied the World Court and executed a Mexican national by lethal injection on Tuesday over the […]

McCotter (R-Mi) Rips Bush Over No Congress Recall

But, folks will certainly not get the idea behind it In a legislative update sent to GOP members and staff on Tuesday, Republican House Policy Committee Chairman Thaddeus McCotter (Mich.) accused “Beijing George” Bush of throwing House Republicans “under the bone-dry bus” on his way to the Olympics in China. House GOP leaders last week […]

Aside: McCain On Paris

TMZ is carrying the story of how McCain thinks Paris Hilton’s energy plan is better then Barry’s. Heh

Aside: 25 Reasons You May Be A Racist

At The Corner, 25 Reasons You May Be a Racist. I fit the complete description

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