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New Theme Time!

Took a bit of playing with the Widgets to get it right. There are some minor differences between WP 2.5 and 2.6. Everything look OK? Working correctly? Tried it in IE, Firefox, and Opera. Doesn’t like the Subscribe To Comments pluin too much. Have to find a new one

Camp McCain: The Left Loves Those Smears They Throw

It’s good to see the McCain campaign fighting against the biased media and against the most radical elements of the Left (which is, of course, the Democrat base nowadays), something we on the Right begged Dubya to do. Michael Goldfarb at John McCain 2008: Smears The Left Can Fight For In the least credible and […]

Senate GOP Working To End Restrictions On Offshore Drilling

Good to know The Senate Republicans who are trying to force Congress to lift restrictions on offshore drilling say they have 38 senators backing their efforts to force a showdown over the critical campaign issue of energy prices — one that could shut down the government. Democratic leaders in Congress want to extend the moratorium […]

Despite Assurances Of Fairness, NY Times Lies

Much has been made by the Nutroots and their compliant and in-the-tank-for-Barry media about McCain must have been cheating during the recent Saddleback “debate.” Andrea Mitchell floated the idea that McCain cheated. FiveThirtyEightis digging for dirt, and thiks they have found it. And the New York Times? Sigh. You know what is coming. Here’s the […]

Sniff. Illegals May Choose Not To Seek Medical Help

Sob story of the day: Illegal aliens may fear to seek care Doctors around the state say a growing fervor over illegal immigration may scare illegal immigrants away from seeking health care and create a public health threat. A recent case in Alamance County — in which medical records may have been used to help […]

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