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DU: This Country Is Too Stupid To Elect Obama

The thought stream of a DUmmy is interesting. It’s like one of those nature shows when some little mangy skunk is marking a tree  MrScorpio I hate to say this (but, the DUmmy is going to do it anyhow), but sometimes I feel that this country is too stupid to elect Obama I’m not going […]

Obama’s Tire Gauge Advice Is Good Advice

No, really, it is. Keeping your tires inflated properly is good advice. My Dad gave it too me when I got my first car, a ’79 Trans Am (6.6 liter, 403 Oldsmobile engine, load levers, t-tops, midnight blue, Hurst dual-gate slap stick (insert Tim Allen laugh here.)) AAA and other auto clubs give that advice. […]

Playing The “What’s The Party Affiliation?” Game

What’s missing in the whole article (which CNN placed in the “Crime” section ) Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will spend the night in jail after a judge ruled he violated the terms of his bond in his perjury case by making a business trip to Canada and not informing the court. Judge Ronald Giles ordered Kilpatrick […]

Your Allergies Are Worse Because Of AGW

Perhaps so, but, it is still all Man’s fault Next week, August 15 to be exact, is the opening of ragweed season. That’s bad news for the 36 million Americans who suffer from ragweed allergy– and global warming could be making things worse. In a new review, scientists reporting in the Journal of Allergy and […]

A Deadly Milestone In Afghanistan

One has to seriously wonder what the intentions of the New York Times is with this article 500: Deadly U.S. Milestone in Afghan War. After starting with the human interest angle, something they seem to have cared little about since America went to war in 2001, the Times moves on to tell us …..And then, […]

Here We Go: The MSM Lines Up Against USA In Hamdan Case

As soon as Salim Ahmed Hamdan was convicted Wednesday, July 6, there were several things expected The ACLU and other leftist organizations would pitch hissy fits. Mission accomplished Many liberals/progressives would tell us the decision was bad and would take the opportunity to rail at BushCo. Mission accomplished The Credentialed Media would release editorials against […]

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