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Video: Hillary Democrat For McCain

This one is 2 days old. Hadn’t seen it before, but, just caught it on TV here in Raleigh Crossed at McCain Blogs. Stop in and join up!

Zombie In Denver

Zombie, posting at both Pajamas Media and Little Green Footballs, has some photo’s from the idiot protesters, via El Marco, who has even tons more. Hmm, progressives protesting the DNC. At least there are few people who are farther Left then Obama and Michelle My Belle. Here’s a taste OK, I added a little something, but, you know it’s […]

AGW Today: Deforestation

Hey, something I almost agree with Trees, and especially the diverse vegetation of tropical rainforests, soak up and store carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas blamed for global warming. Decaying or burning trees releases carbon into the air. Scientists estimate that deforestation accounts for up to 20 percent of the carbon added by man to […]

Reuters: Who The Hell Is Obama?

I wonder if Firedoglake will call for the writer of this story, Steve Holland, to be fired? Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama faces a challenge this week to try to heal a party rift, draw a sharp contrast between himself and Republican rival John McCain and back up his soaring oratory with specifics of what […]

Todays Sob Story: Deported Illegals Having Trouble At Home

Sniff. Sob. Heart bleeding. Back At Home, Deported Mexicans Struggle The towering black gate opens silently to an alley with walls of corrugated metal. Scrawled in large white letters on one wall is: “The End.” For those deported from the United States, the words are an unnecessary reminder. Nearly every hour of the day, guards […]

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