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John McCain Dead At Age 81, CNN Provides Possibly The Dumbest Headline

Love him or hate him, John McCain had a tremendous impact on U.S. politics. It wasn’t long after McCain announced that he would no longer be taking treatment for his brain cancer that he passed on. And there are some serious hot-takes. Here’s CNN running with one my anti-favorites Trump breaks silence on McCain, tweeting […]

Video: Hillary Democrat For McCain

This one is 2 days old. Hadn’t seen it before, but, just caught it on TV here in Raleigh Crossed at McCain Blogs. Stop in and join up!

If You Go To A Racist Church, How Can You Be President?

How can you? Check out my latest post over at McCain Blogs on the subject.

Peggy Noonan Unloads On Barry

Big time. And Firedoglake is not amused. Check the article out at McCain Blogs.

McCain Releases Medical Records

Over at McCain Blogs, John McCain has released his medical records. No sign of Obama’s yet.

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