AGW Today: Deforestation

Hey, something I almost agree with

Trees, and especially the diverse vegetation of tropical rainforests, soak up and store carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas blamed for global warming. Decaying or burning trees releases carbon into the air. Scientists estimate that deforestation accounts for up to 20 percent of the carbon added by man to the atmosphere.

Climate negotiators have wrestled for years over the complexities of monitoring and accounting for deforestation, but they acknowledge that efforts to contain global warming will fail unless the loss of forests is checked.

I agree, we do need to worry about deforestation and clear cutting. Drives me nuts to see properties clear cut, and I think it is a shame that great forests are cut down. But, not for global warming. But, because they are necessary part of the biosphere. This is an issue that should stand on its own, not be subducted into the anthropogenic global warming idiocy.

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One Response to “AGW Today: Deforestation”

  1. Larry Schumacher says:

    During the Clinton Gore presidency major portions of the James bay project were completed in northern Quebec Canada. This the largest array of man made lakes in the world destroying a pristene forest the size of France and replacing it with lakes that are ice covered for much of the year. The carbon footprint of this action is incalculably immense. If global warming is true Bill Clinton and Al Gore are accessaries to one of the greatest acts of environmental terrorism in history. Since global warming is a hoax Al Gore should simply be ignored by everybody until he shuts up and goes away.

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