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Aside: Excitable Andy Loves Biden

I think it is about high time that Excitable Andy stop pimping his book, since he has completely drunk the Barry kool aid.

AGW Today: You Know There Is Global Warming When…Plus Polar Bears

Funniest AGW story I have read in quite some time. Patience Akpan-Obong at The Punch There is constant controversy about the state of Mother Earth and what her human children are doing to her. At the centre of this controversy is global warming (the noticeable increase in global temperatures in the last 100 years). The […]

Good News! It’s Biden

I just found out, via email from Barry at 3:02pm, that he picked Joe Biden. Did anyone else know?

Aside: A New Olympic Event

snapped shot brings us the newest event for the 2012 Olympics

Aside: PETA Wackos

What do PETA wackos have to do with Sea World? Ogre has the answer

Virtual Fence Bad For The Environment

They do understand that it is a “virtual” fence, right? Construction on “virtual fence” projects scheduled along Arizona’s border with Mexico is on hold indefinitely because the Interior Department hasn’t signed off on use of its lands, federal officials said Tuesday. Interior officials have not accepted a proposed finding in an environmental assessment produced for […]

Barry’s U of Illinois Records To Be Released

Anyone think they will have been scrubbed at this point? As the Democratic Party prepares to unleash its presidential nominating convention here, the University of Illinois at Chicago said today that it will release records of Sen. Barack Obama’s service to a nonprofit organization linked to William Ayers, a Chicago education professor who was a […]

Hope, Change, A New Direction, The Washington Insider?

Obligatory Biden’s Barry’s Bitch Vice Presidential pick. Even the New York Times couldn’t get excited, particularly at 3am, several hours after all the Obama supporters were informed by the TV news, and could finally walk away from their phones and take a shower and get something to eat Senator Barack Obama has chosen Senator Joseph […]

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