Todays Sob Story: Deported Illegals Having Trouble At Home

Sniff. Sob. Heart bleeding. Back At Home, Deported Mexicans Struggle

The towering black gate opens silently to an alley with walls of corrugated metal. Scrawled in large white letters on one wall is: “The End.”

For those deported from the United States, the words are an unnecessary reminder. Nearly every hour of the day, guards unlock this gate that leads back into Mexico, clicking open the padlocks hung on each side, in each nation.

Every time the gate slams shut, it wipes out a dream, divides a family, ends a life lived in the shadows of the law.  

Oh, boy, this is just pathetic. I don’t remember reading in the liberal media complaints about convicted felons being separated from their families. Perhaps their dreams should have included advice to come to the United States legally.

The story goes on to tell us about all the people that have been deported, included many stone cold criminals (not that coming across the border illegally isn’t already a federal crime, except in Liberal World.) And now Mexico must deal with the ones they did not want. Sniffle.

But, even better, are all the individual sob stories of those who were kicked out of the mean old USA, such as

Alejandro Fonseca was convicted on drug charges and deported last year. He now lives in Tijuana with his American wife and three U.S.-born children.

They have survived by eating at the Salvation Army shelter in a rough Tijuana neighborhood near the border. But his 13-year-old daughter has missed a year of school. She cannot go to school in Mexico because she does not speak Spanish.

Fonseca says the new life has been hard on his family, but has also forced him to give up his drug habit.

Boo hoo. It’s simple: do not come to the USA illegally. Why is so hard for the liberal media to understand that?

Interestingly, one would usually expect comments from Liberals at cBS to be sympathetic, but, not the case. Check ’em out.

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