AGW Today: Vultures At U.N. Talks, Carbon Credits, Dems And Nukes

How perfect is this?

Dozens of vultures landed on the grass the other day outside the building where U.N. climate talks are taking place in Ghana – and more were circling overhead. “They’ve been attracted by all the delegates falling asleep inside,” one official joked.

Surprising that more misquito’s do not show up at the conferences, since they are attracted by breathing, ie, hot air.

The Aug. 21-27 talks among 160 countries working on a new treaty to fight climate change move at a glacial pace even though the United Nations says they are making progress, for instance, in defining how to give tropical countries incentives to slow deforestation. Burning trees is a big source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Because it is mostly talk and feel good measure, many designed to enrich the very people who are whining about “climate change.” Think I’m kidding?

European carbon emissions prices hit a 1-month high on Wednesday on the back of rising oil prices and concerns over the Norwegian gas pipeline, traders said.

December-delivery European Union carbon permits were up 44 cents or 1.9 percent at 25.20 euros a tonne, the highest level seen since July 25.

Isn’t capitalism great? The very thing that many of the Climahysterics want to destroy. I mostly invest in long and medium term stuff. Might have to get in on this gig.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal wonders if Democrats will finally embrace nuclear power in order to combat AGW

Will nuclear power get a Rocky Mountain high at the Democratic convention in Denver? Democrats are spending all week staring at the big issues, from health care to the energy crisis and climate change. There’s a radioactive elephant in the room.

Won’t happen. Dems aren’t interested in actual real world solutions to America’s energy needs, nor making us as energy independent as possible. Taking us back to the way we lived in the 1800’s is more their style.

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3 Responses to “AGW Today: Vultures At U.N. Talks, Carbon Credits, Dems And Nukes”

  1. Debbie says:

    That’s funny, bur probably true — so boring. But I’ve watched many of these greenies, and they feel SO good about what they are ‘doing’ (which is really nothing). It’s like they now have a purpose in life — Save the Planet.

    (I could have gone Moveable Type or WordPress, I’ve posted at other blogs using both of them. Actually TypePad is a Moveable Type platform.

    No way I feel comfortable going out on my own, I’m not technical enough for that.

    I will stay with TypePad and use the Blogspot site as simply a backup site for days when TypePad is really screwing up.

    I hate to lose all my rankings that I have with Right Truth at TypePad.


  2. I understand your points, Debbie. It can be a pain doing the move. WP is a lot easier then it seems.

    One thing to consider is going and getting your own domain name and mapping it with Typepad, which would still allow the typepad domain name to work. Over time, so many of your stats would migrate to the new domain name. That’s what I did. But, you do what you want to do, I don’t want to throw any pressure your way. I enjoyed my time on Typepad, just wanted more flexibility for the crazy html stuff I do 🙂

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