Fighting Teh Gay At The Olympics

So, I was over at the Chicago Tribune, asking the editor a question, namely, why is the Trib not out suing to get Obama’s records released from the University of Illinois regarding Barry’s time with a non-profit linked to William Ayers, when the Trib sued to get Jack Ryan’s divorce papers released. Both are private matters, right? Of course, one hurt a Republican, his family, his ex-wife, his child, and his chances to compete against Barry in 2004.

Anyhow, one of the most popular stories at the Chicago Tribune is

Nicole Reinhardt wants to wear one shiny accessory for her next photo shoot.

And this time, the Olympic kayaker will bring along her Lycra racing suit.

Reinhardt made another splash Tuesday at the Beijing Games — and not just for her spread in the German edition of Playboy — winning her heat to advance to the 500-meter kayak double final.

“It’s beautiful pictures,” Reinhardt said. “Not every girl or woman has a chance to come into this magazine.

That’s right. She is appearing in the September German edition of Playboy.

Naughty bits covered up after the jump

Photo from The Spoiler. For those who want the full effect, plus a bit about the ladies, head to

Meanwhile, Trollhammer at The Jawa Report has some of the good gay at the Olympics.

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2 Responses to “Fighting Teh Gay At The Olympics”

  1. Russ says:

    Why do I feel like breaking into a chorus of “Deutschland Ãœber Alles” all of a sudden?

  2. They are some cuties, eh?

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