Yes, I am all Widgetized now. Hooah! For those of you who haven’t done it, but are thinking of doing it, it really is not that hard. Though, I will admit, the only reason I did it was for the theme change. Otherwise, why bother? The code was already in the sidebar PHP file.

If you are going to do it, and can do it on a test site, do so. If you don’t have a test site, might think about getting one.

Anyhow, widgets are really easy, and there are tons that you can get to go along with the ones included. Helpful hint: make sure your theme is widgetized before starting #-o

For the most part, the majority of widgets I am using are those that were either part of WP or part of some of my plugins. There are two Widget plugins I HIGHLY recommend you get.

The first is PHP Code Widget. This is really important, since many scripts used are PHP. And this plugin allows them to work correct. If php is in the code, you have to use it. Using a Text Widget won’t work. And, even some other stuff works right only with the PHP Code Widget.

Next up is Widget Logic. This one allows you to specify where the widget will go. For instance, do you just want it on a Single Post? Showing up on the main pages (this is where you would use the home tag)? On Pages only? Archives? All? This widget does that. Notice that many things are different on the main pages then on the single posts. If you do a search, or go in the archives, or pages, the sidebar stuff is very base. I use call tags such as “if home” and “if single.”

Anyhow, check them out, and, like with so much other sidebar stuff, make sure it works, check in IE, Firefox, and Opera, and do not overdo it!

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2 Responses to “Widgets!!!!!”

  1. steveegg says:

    Yes, widgets are fun. I undertook the pain of widgetizing my theme, and I like it.

    I’ll have to try those two on my test site.

  2. They are great, well worth it. Opens up a lot of possibilities.

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