The New Sitemeter

For those who haven’t seen it, Sitemeter made some big changes to their website. And some changes to the meter you embed in your site. No longer is there one button that shows the you have sitemeter and what your hit count stands at. To do this, you now nead two scripts.

You can leave the old Sitemeter code as is. It will work fine as is. But, if you want the hit count to show, there is another piece of code you have to add to your site. Under Site Settings, look for Counter Code. Add it. But, if you just have that on your site, the numbers will not change. You must have the regular Sitemeter code, too.

You can have the Counter code show either visits or page views.

One nice feature is the ability to limit the data that people can see when they go to your Sitemeter page. It used to be either see it all, or see nothing. You can also pay $6.95 a month to get access to some extra data, but, quite frankly, I do not see the point, unless one is massively, hugely, monsterously obsessed by metrics.

BTW, wtf is up with GoStats? They seem to be going down quite a bit.

Update: Looks like their rolling Sitemeter back to the former system. Not sure why. Could have something to with it being unstable all day long.

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3 Responses to “The New Sitemeter”

  1. Russ says:

    I went and had a look. If it’s still there, I didn’t see the “referring sites” information – that was always more interesting to me than actual visits/page views.

    Meh. It was free, I shouldn’t complain.

    But… I installed the Google Analytics code. Maybe that’ll be more informative.

  2. I can’t even log in to take a look at what is still there. Their server is hosed.

    I like the stats plug. Loads quick, gives some good basic info.

  3. Richard says:

    Hi William,

    Regarding GoStats, there has been a huge surge of new users and so some of the servers are extra loaded and you may notice that the stats aren’t being processed as fast. This is just a temporary situation and will vary from account to account. You can rest assured that no stats are lost and that you will see everything as normal when it returns. If you really want to see realtime stats in the meantime, you are free to add a second account (it will be created on a different server).

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