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Sleaziest Waaaaah!-mbulance Moment From B.O.

The newest of the lamest lame-o ads from the Girl Scout Camp (which may not be fair to Girl Scouts, as their campaigns tend to be pretty successful, but, you get the idea) Ann Althouse is kind enough to break the video down, but, all I can think of is the whiniest kid in grade […]

Now The Nutroots Loves Fox News?

It’s quite a long way from and to McCain Loses Fox News: Megyn Kelly Rips McCain Flack For Claiming Obama Would Raise Middle Class Taxes On Fox News today, host Megyn Kelly called out McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds for the campaign’s lies about Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-IL) tax proposals. “I want to hold you […]

Barry On China’s Currency

He’s got some hope that he can make the Chinese change their current ways “I will use all the diplomatic avenues available to seek a change in China’s currency practices,” he said. Obama said China pegs its yuan currency at an “artificially low rate,” making its exports unfairly cheap. He has backed legislation that would […]

Huffington Post On Suicide Watch – Replace Biden With Clinton

Perhaps it is time for a non-voluntary admission for the Huffington Post (h/t Stop the ACLU) Why Replacing Biden With Hillary Makes Perfect Sense for Obama Sen. Joe Biden’s a perfectly appropriate vice presidential running-mate for Sen. Barack Obama. He’s got 36 years of Senate experience, is a true intellect, a foreign policy expert, and […]

AGW Today: Hurricanes And Buckeyes, Oh My

Here we go again While concerns mount regarding Hurricane Gustav and its windy followers, reports in the scientific journal, Nature, noted in early September that future tropical storms will only get stronger as the oceans warm. Quickly picked up by many news outlets, this story is attracting a lot of attention not only for its […]

Illegal Immigration Today: Monday Hodgepodge

In Michigan TRAVERSE CITY — Police arrested an illegal alien for an alleged sexual assault of a 6-year-old girl after he allegedly was caught in the act by the child’s mother. Philly Last year the Philadelphia field office, which includes the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia, deported 5,599 illegal aliens, including 2,437 criminal […]

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