Huffington Post On Suicide Watch – Replace Biden With Clinton

Perhaps it is time for a non-voluntary admission for the Huffington Post (h/t Stop the ACLU)

Why Replacing Biden With Hillary Makes Perfect Sense for Obama

Sen. Joe Biden’s a perfectly appropriate vice presidential running-mate for Sen. Barack Obama. He’s got 36 years of Senate experience, is a true intellect, a foreign policy expert, and a genuinely nice guy. But ever since Sen. John McCain added plucky Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to his ticket, the old adage nice guys finish last is beginning to take on new meaning in this year’s presidential contest. It’s time to dump Biden and replace him with Sen. Hillary Clinton. I don’t care how it’s done. Campaign chief David Axelrod can figure that out. And the sooner the better. Because I’m starting to think that if Team-Obama doesn’t do something dramatic fast, it’s gonna lose this election. There’s a worrisome shift in momentum and in the polls. The Palin phenomenon, while truly unfathomable to Democrats, has energized McCain’s campaign and allowed him like Houdini to snatch Obama’s “change” theme right out from under him. It’s time to snatch it back.

Conventional wisdom says replacing Biden with Clinton can’t be done. That it’s too late. That it’ll make Obama appear indecisive, impulsive and lacking good judgement. Many Democrats believe this would cause irreparable harm to the campaign, ringing Obama’s death knell. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it’d be a freakin’ coup for Obama, and would instantly melt Palin’s undeserving outsize political ice cap.

Oh, boy, Palin has really scared the ever-livin’ shat out of the Left, hasn’t she? Of course, Obama picking one of the Ultimate Washington Insiders as a running mate sure didn’t help. The Surrender Monkey wishes this story came out on Friday, because it is just another case of Dems trying to surrender.

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4 Responses to “Huffington Post On Suicide Watch – Replace Biden With Clinton”

  1. Stacy says:

    1) It is my understanding that all names must be submitted a minimum of 60 days to each state. Although my guess is that there is a loophole somewhere.

    2) Even Hillary supporters will not vote for BO with her as the Veep. They dislike him and the DNC so much, they want to punish them and purge their party of the ultra leftist who are running it. These people have righteous indignation.

    3) BO would never put her in as the Veep. He knows that if she were there, he would have to constantly have to look over his shoulder. She would run the show and everyone, him included, knows that.

    4) It would make him look like a man incapable of making a decision. It would hurt him more.

    If they are this concerned, then they need to pump Joe Biden up as a savior himself.

  2. Maybe they can position him as Uncle Joe, like a guy the left loved during his time in power in the USSR.

  3. DeWayne says:

    Stacy, I agree with you, but there is one problem: How do you pump up Joe Biden, when he’s already full of hot air.

    I posted about this on my blog, and upshot is, Obama doesn’t have the cajones to pick sHrillary.

  4. Obama doesn’t have the cajones of Hillary <#@>

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