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Watching Palin Is Like Being Up 2 With 2 Minutes Left To The Cup

I’m not going to live blog the speech, but, let me say, this feels like when Plaxico caught the game winning catch in the Superbowl. It’s like when Arnott scored the Stanley Cup Winner in 2000 for the Devils. When Kirk Gibson yanked one out of the park for the Dodgers. I mean, I feel […]

Saving The Orangutan From Climahysteria

I ran across this early August piece from the Huffington Post while I was looking for monkey pictures for Surrender Monkey posts, and, I just had to laugh at the spin Today Dr. Birute Galdikas is considered one of the foremost experts on Orangutans. To this day she remains in Borneo, huddled in the dense […]

Welcome To The Liberal Treatment Of Conservative Women

Starting with the one of the Left’s favorite boogemenpeople, Fox News An A-list of women in politics backing John McCain went on the offensive Wednesday, accusing the media and the Obama campaign of blatant sexism in their treatment of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a move intended to clear the brush ahead of her public debut […]

Republicans Want To End Ethenol Requirements

I love it. First we have the drill here, drill now push. Republicans stood up to Queen Nancy and stayed on the House floor. Now we get more sanity U.S. Republicans called on Monday for an end to a controversial requirement that gasoline contain a set amount of ethanol, a policy backed by the Bush […]

Illegal Alien Sues Border Patrol

This is pathetic and disturbing An illegal immigrant who was struck and severely injured by a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle that also hit and killed his daughter is suing the government. Lawyers for Juan Cruz Torralva accuse Border Patrol agent Gregorio Garcia of driving recklessly on the night of March 5, 2006, when he ran […]

Google Chrome Part 2

To follow up on my quick post on Google Chrome, it is still lightning fast. It is a great platform for cruising the Interwebz. Not so great for blogging. When you do a cut and paste from other sites in to the WordPress visual editor, it adds TONS of font scripts which come from the […]

Obama Launches Pro-Baby Killing Attack Ad Against McCain

This is disgustingly humorous. A guy who will never be in the position himself but is the #1 supporter of all approved baby killing methods, including if a baby lives through an abortion, is attacking McCain for not wanting to kill babies (The Politico) Barack Obama has launched a broadside against John McCain’s opposition to […]

Google Chrome

Holy cow! Thing is fast! Some CSS pages (not to be a smart ass, but, that is what our blogs use) look slightly funny in certain places, but, damn, fast! I’ll reserve judgement till I have played with it a week or so. Not looking forward to have to check a 4th browser when developing […]

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