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Saracuda: Iran Must Be Stopped

Compare and contrast Sarah’s notions regarding Iran to Barry’s. Here is part of the speech she would have given at the Ahmadinejad protest (read the full thing at The NY Sun) I am honored to be with you and with leaders from across this great country — leaders from different faiths and political parties united in […]

Is Barry Another Dukakis?

That’s what Christopher Hitchens wants to know Why is Obama so vapid, hesitant, and gutless? (snip) And yet, and unless I am about to miss some delayed “groundswell” or mood shift, none of this has translated into any measurable advantage for the Democrat. There are three possible reasons for such a huge failure on Barack […]

Ted Stevens’ Trial To Kick Off, What Of Cold Cash Jefferson?

Via The Moderate (snicker) Voice, we learn through Bloomberg U.S. Senator Ted Stevens’s bid for a seventh term may be decided by 12 people he has never met in a courthouse thousands of miles away from his home state of Alaska. Jury selection in the Stevens trial gets under way tomorrow in Washington after the […]

Group Protests Following The Law

Because that is what the illegal immigration debate boils down to (for the most part): one side wants to uphold the law, the other side wants to ignore the law. This time, the protesters are on the northern border, for a change More than 100 people called for an end to Border Patrol checkpoints and […]

AGW Today: Clean Air Is Bad For The Planet

Of all the things that cause anthropogenic global warming, this has to be the funniest In recent decades, air pollution has dropped, so more sunlight is penetrating the atmosphere, said Martin Wild of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. And what happens when more sunlight penetrates the atmosphere? It makes it down to the ground, […]

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