AGW Today: Clean Air Is Bad For The Planet

Of all the things that cause anthropogenic global warming, this has to be the funniest

In recent decades, air pollution has dropped, so more sunlight is penetrating the atmosphere, said Martin Wild of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

And what happens when more sunlight penetrates the atmosphere? It makes it down to the ground, and is reflected back up to where the greenhouse gasses, CO2, methane, and, primarily water vapor, are, and are trapped. So, I believe it is important that we start up the pollution industries and make sure we get some good old fashioned smog up into the upper atmosphere, thereby reflecting sunlight back out into space. In this way, we can cool the planet!

Have you ever noticed that everything causes AGW? Now when we do good, it is bad.

In other news, the climahysterics totally blew it regarding the complete loss of Arctic sea ice.

Who will benefit from cap and trade carbon schemes?

Remember the derivative trading that led to the downfall of Enron? Global warming and “cap and trade” are brought to you by the same people who brought you Oil for Food, Enron and Fannie Mae.

Lastly, all is not well in polar bear land

The expanding sea ice has been causing other problems. Polar bears seem to be thriving with the extra ice, and juvenile polar bears have been stealing alcohol from shops in places like Cape Churchill in Canada and having wild drunken parties on icebergs. An anonymous source indicated that a similar event led to the Bristol Palin pregnancy.

The Arctic sea ice expansion may also threaten funding for global warming research, though some scientists hope to double down by studying global cooling. “Cooling would be a real catastrophe,” said Meier. “It might get too cold for the poor bears and plus my wife really likes warm weather.”


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One Response to “AGW Today: Clean Air Is Bad For The Planet”

  1. Maggie Mama says:

    Do you see a liberal pattern developing? …..humankind, bad, consumers, badder, Americans, baddest.

    No matter what we do we are wrong = Liberal-think.

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