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Palin To Guy Who Says Barry Not Ready: Bring It On!

Via Hot Air Embedded video from CNN Video

Laptop Dead!

Stupid technology. Was just cruising the Interwebz, screen went insane, shut it down, now it will not boot. Press the power button, and nothing happens but some pretty lights. No fan, no start up sounds. Pretty sure it is not the hard drive (thank goodness for small favors,) so, I should be able to hook […]

Bar In Chicago Has Nude Painting of Sarah Palin

Traffic Bait Sarah Palin has inspired editorials, blog posts, investigations and dispatches galore since her announcement as the Republican vice-presidential nominee four weeks ago. Now she’s the subject of a nude portrait, unveiled Thursday and drawing crowds to the Old Town Ale House on Chicago’s North Side. (Uncensored painting can be seen here. -Ed.) The […]

Prayer Vigil To Fire NC Sheriff Who Hates Illegals

Save me from idiots Hispanic advocates have been asking Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell to resign for weeks. On Sunday, they took their request to the steps of the county courthouse. A multiracial throng numbering more than 100 gathered to pray for an end to racism and voice their outrage over comments that they say […]

Obama Treads Carefully Between Black Liberation Doctrine And Public Policy

I’m glad that someone in the Liberal media is finally taking on Barack Obama’s 20 years of attendence at a church founded on Black Liberation doctrine, mentored by Black Liberation docrine pastors such as Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger, surrounded by people in the pews who believe in Black Liberation doctrine, and reading about Black […]

Now The Washington Post Has A Problem With Political Pastors

Can anyone point out a Credentialed Media article which discussed the negative implications of the pastors, both visiting and resident, at Trinity Church discussing how great Obama is, how evil his opponents were, and their other political talk? Jeremiah Wright? Who dat? Defying a federal law that prohibits U.S. clergy from endorsing political candidates from […]

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