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Last Real Conservative Has Questions For Saracuda

Well known bat-sh*t crazy Internet tool, Excitable Andy, aka Milky Loads (you probably do not want to click the link), does his typical normal wacko dance, playing Twenty Question Since the press isn’t allowed to ask Palin questions to her face, they have started to pose them publicly. Is this the same press that doesn’t ask […]

State Polling – 9/11

Some interesting changes in a few of the latest State polls a 4 point swing from Obama to McCain in New Mexico McCain now leads 49-47 in Virginia, which had been a dead heat McCain has lost his lead in Florida, making it a dead heat Ohio had been B47-M45, now M48-B46. Big swing McCain […]

Good News! Government Can’t Even Build A Fence Right

And people want government to be in charge of health care, health insurance, social security savings, oil production, etc and so on, why? They can’t even build a damned fence The Department of Homeland Security said Wednesday that cost overruns, legal obstacles and other problems were imperiling its goal of completing the 670 miles of […]

Lefty Tool Keith O. Flips On 9/11

Like during most special days, or when something big happens, I have to take a stroll through the fever swamps of the Internet, to see what their talking points, and insanity, are. I usually avoid posting any of it on 9/11, though. This, though, yikes! Crooks and Liars(perfect name for a Liberal blog) posted Keith […]

More From The San Francisco Chronicle On Palin

Why do I have to go to what is virtually another country to get the low down on Palin? SF Gate: Palin candidacy stokes debate among women In a presidential race in which unexpected factors like lipsticks and pigs have driven questions about sexism and feminism, a central question remains: What do women want? This […]

Someone Tell Karl Rove He Is Not Helping The Show

Hey, Karl, what are you trying to do to us? Stop giving advice to Barry, please Of all the advantages Gov. Sarah Palin has brought to the GOP ticket, the most important may be that she has gotten into Barack Obama’s head. How else to explain Sen. Obama’s decision to go one-on-one against “Sarah Barracuda,” […]

Tribute To 9/11 Angels – Never Forget (Sticky For The Day)

Let us also remember the people, our neighbors, our friends, our loved ones, our countrymen, who were lost that day fondly. We can remember them by saying “never again.” We can remember them by not allowing the Muslim fanatics, who have the stated intention of destroying modern civilization, to do just that. We can remember […]

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