State Polling – 9/11

Some interesting changes in a few of the latest State polls

  • a 4 point swing from Obama to McCain in New Mexico
  • McCain now leads 49-47 in Virginia, which had been a dead heat
  • McCain has lost his lead in Florida, making it a dead heat
  • Ohio had been B47-M45, now M48-B46. Big swing
  • McCain is now only 2 out in Pa.
  • Massive swing for McCain in North Dakota, 55-41. It had been a 3 point Obama win
  • McCain is only 4 out in Oregon
  • Wisconsin and Michigan are tightening, and McCain has it down to 6 in NJ. Had been 9
  • Huge swing in Indiana, from a B55-M40 to M45-B43
  • Mac has lost a bit in South Dakota, but still leads

And just for reference, the last poll in Illinois, on Aug 12, has it B53-M38. Arizona M44-B36 (Aug 16). Alaska M64-B33 (9/7). Delaware B50-M41 (Feb 28).

Still have some work to do, folks, but, the Palin Effect, and the fact that people are starting to get over the Messiah Effect (at exactly the wrong time for Barry), is changing some dynamics.

All data via Electoral Vote.

Previous state data here.

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