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ACLU Pitches Hissy Fit Over NC Sheriff

Johnson County, NC, Sheriff Steve Bizzell recently said some unflattering things about both legal and illegal immigrants. Let’s check the story The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina and other civil rights groups say they suspect Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell of discriminating against Hispanics and have begun an investigation. In a letter today […]

3 Thoughts On The Palinator

Three quick thoughts 1. Why do I have to go to foreign news sources to see fair, journalistic, integrity based, adult, non-deranged stories on Sarah Palin? 2. How cool is it that they already have Sarah Palin dolls ready to go? Great for little girls who want a strong female role model doll, and feel […]

ACLU Loves Dem Illegals, Part Lots More

They still do not remember what the A stands for Opponents of Rhode Island Gov. Don Carcieri’s crackdown on illegal immigrants are taking their dispute to court. Lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union will make their first courtroom appearance Tuesday since filing a lawsuit last week. They want Superior Court Judge Mark Pfeiffer to […]

On The McCain Bump-50 States

Not to be the enthusiasm vampire (a saying we picked up in a sales management seminar-pretty much the only thing*), but, McCain may be leading in the Gallup/UselessA Today poll 54-44, and in other polls, but, as we go down the final stretch, remember that the polls are national polls, and have little bearing on […]

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