ACLU Loves Dem Illegals, Part Lots More

They still do not remember what the A stands for

Opponents of Rhode Island Gov. Don Carcieri’s crackdown on illegal immigrants are taking their dispute to court.

Lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union will make their first courtroom appearance Tuesday since filing a lawsuit last week. They want Superior Court Judge Mark Pfeiffer to stop Carcieri from forcing private employers to use a federal database called E-Verify to check the immigration status of new hires.

Let me think a second……..yup, every employee must fill out an I-9, per federal law. This form verifies that a person is eligible to work in the United States. So, what is the problem with an extra check, one which could truly find out, as well as exposing if an illegal is sock puppeting a legal American citizen. I guess the ACLU has no problem with illegals destroying the credit, and possibly lives, of American citizens, the people the ACLU is supposed to protect, per their mission.

Let’s not forget how nice those illegals are that the ACLU likes to protect (h/t Stacy)

Federal immigration officials have placed a hold on 23-year-old Francis Maudaniel Hernandez. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials say it appears Hernandez is not a U.S. citizen.

Aurora Police say he was driving without a license Thursday at about 8:00 p.m. when he slammed his SUV into Patricia Guntharp’s pickup, killing her and her passenger, Debra Serecky. The truck went careening into the Baskin Robbins store at Havana and Mississippi. Debris dragged by the truck hit and killed 3-year-old Marten Kudlis.

So, ACLU, which is more important: the so called rights of people who are not even Americans, or the lives of American children, such as 3 year old Marten, who just wanted some ice cream?

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