Daily Archives: September 18, 2008

New Blog Name: Yes? No?

With all this change being thrown around, thought I might change it up, too. It is supposed to be Pirates, as in, East Carolina U Pirates, where the blog name and theme came from (wasn’t going to do purple and gold for the colors, no way.) Update: Na, never mind. Been thinking about it, and, […]

State Polls Today

Quick and dirty update on State polls. You can check out the full data at Electoral Vote. Some of the important highlights to a massive amount of new polls Va is back to slightly McCain Pa. still a dead heat New Mexico is back to Barry Mac takes over Colorado Barry is losing ground in […]

Things That Upset Muslims: DVD’s Highlighting Their Violence

Like vampires, Islamists do not want their agenda held up to the light. Of course, unlike vampires, Islamists are real The mass mailing of a controversial DVD “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” has sparked anger among South Florida Muslims who say it maligns their faith and fuels hysteria ahead of the fast-approaching presidential vote […]

Illegal Immigration Today: Court Upholds Arizona Law

Take that, illegal alien supports! Pow, pow! A federal appeals court on Wednesday upheld an Arizona law that penalizes businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants and requires them to verify the employment status of their workers. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision rejected a challenge by business and civil-rights groups that contend the […]

Will Obama Actually Decrease Tax Rates?

There has been a constant bleat from the Obama campaign and many compliant and complicit media outlets to announce to the American people that Barack Obama would decrease taxes for 95% of the American people. Beyond the fact that that would be impossible, this begs the question, since the Barry camp wants to deal with […]

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