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Pirate Weekend Linkfest Sticky 9/5-9/7

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AGW Today: Here Comes Hanna. Somewhere. Not Sure

As one would think, since I live in North Carolina, I have taken a keen interest in TS Hanna. Matter of fact, I was predicting to my friends and co-workers that Hanna would effect Raleigh, since I ended up scheduling myself off today, and these big storms always seem to hit (hurricanes, tropical storms, ice […]

Palinmania In Small Towns And Canada

So, what do those bitter gun and God clingers in small towns think of Sarah Palin? That’s right, they love her and treat her with respect After a week of public scrutiny that ranged from her daughter’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy to an ethics dispute in her home state, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin accepted her party’s call […]

Biden Got 5 Deferments From ‘Nam? Chickendove!

Maybe someone should tell Barry, who wants to initiate high level assaults against Pakistan (not that I really disagree with that), that his VP to be is a Chickendove who recieved 5 deferments as a get of of Vietnam card.

Good News! Al Qaeda Hearts Denmark

Say, Barry, since you and most of the other speakers at the DNC avoided most mentions about terrorism, and the few times it was mentioned the words “Islamic” and “Muslim” were absent, would you care to comment on this? Al Qaeda issued new threats against Denmark in an Internet video released on Friday, saying an […]

Can You Say Anthing About Barry And Not Have It Be Racist?

Surrendie wasn’t even sure he should make an appearace today, since, although his is Barry’s #1 fan, and the guy who lays down the talking points for the Democrat Party, he himself, around lots longer then Barry, could be considered racist. On the flip side, Surrendie would like that, because it would show surrender to […]

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