AGW Today: Here Comes Hanna. Somewhere. Not Sure

As one would think, since I live in North Carolina, I have taken a keen interest in TS Hanna. Matter of fact, I was predicting to my friends and co-workers that Hanna would effect Raleigh, since I ended up scheduling myself off today, and these big storms always seem to hit (hurricanes, tropical storms, ice storms, snow, etc) when I am off the day before or day during.

So, I have been watching for the last 5 days, and really watching the last 24. During that time, and in particular since I got up at 8am, the track has been shifting from going to the west of Greensboro, to swiping the coast, to a direct hit just to the west of Raleigh, back to the coast, to just to the east of Raleigh, to Greensboro, back to Raleigh, now looks around just east of Greenville, NC.

So, you tell me: if the weather predictors can’t get it right less then 48 hours out, how in the fuck can they possible know what the hell the climate of the entire fucking world will be 50-100 years out?

But, but, but, Teach, weather is not climate. Um, yes it is. Climate is simply the averages of weather. Hot, cold, wet, dry, snow, wind, rain. And, of course, a tropical system is weather. Funny how the climahysterics bring those into their idiotic, bullshit, insane theories that it is mostly, or all, Man’s fault.

But, don’t forget, most of them whine about it, but do very little themselves. Changing a light bulb just doesn’t fucking count.

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6 Responses to “AGW Today: Here Comes Hanna. Somewhere. Not Sure”

  1. Duncan says:

    “Changing a light bulb just doesn’t fucking count.”

    I just recently returned from the People’s Democratic Republic of California, and to listen to the PSAs running on their talk radio stations, you’d think they’d have bruises on their backs from all the self-congratulations being placed upon the populace their for changing to CFLs! It was quite disheartening, though not surprising, to hear climate change, or global warming, or global cooling, or whatever Chicken Little Theory the eco-hippies are pushing this week, being pushed upon the populace. Goering would be proud…

  2. Hippies who were probably complaining about AGW while driving Hummers, right?

    I used to be high on CFL’s, as they saved a bit of money on energy. Been using them for years. But, lately, the ones I have had to replace over time just do not last any longer then regular bulbs, so, I was actually spending more. I’ve gone back to just regular bulbs now.

  3. Silke says:

    Teach said: But, but, but, Teach, weather is not climate. Um, yes it is. Climate is simply the averages of weather.

    Do you really not understand the difference between a next day forecast and the statistical average over 30 years? Think of it as the difference between trying to predict the height of the next wave versus predicting the height of tomorrow’s high tide.

  4. manbearpig says:

    I’m down with ya on the CFLs. I bought a bunch a few years back, but I just could not get used to the light. Living in the North where in the winter it gets dark by 4:15 I found myself straining just to see across the room. I may as well have been sitting in the dark. How people can say it is a more natural light I’ll never know. The light from the sun and the light from those bulbs just doesn’t compare (just my opinion). SO I’m back to regular bulbs until they can somehow improve the light from CFLs.

  5. Do you understand how weather plays its hand in making climate, Silke? Go read up on it.

    I found some CFLs that worked well, gave out good light, MBP. The ones at Home Depot are pretty good. But, wasted money figuring it out. Like, for a ceiling fan that takes 60 watt bulbs, I had to use 40 watt equivelants, and could not use the “daylight” type.

    But, that is all over with. They are wasting more money then saving.

  6. Silke says:

    Teach said: Do you understand how weather plays its hand in making climate, Silke?

    Yes, but apparently you do not. A statistical average covering 30 years is very different from a single data point. That’s why predicting future climate conditions is easier (though it’s certainly not perfect) than predicting the weather.

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