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HuffPo: Bombing In Pakistan McCain’s Fault

The Islamists are at it again ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A huge truck bomb exploded at the entrance to the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad on Saturday evening, killing at least 40 people and wounding more than 150, the police said. Interestingly, The Times Of India is currently whining about it being tough to be a Muslim […]

Barry Comment On Palin Email Theft Yet?

Just wondering, has Democratic Presidental candidate Barack Obama, a man who is supposed to stand for law and order, denounced the hacking of the email accounts of Sarah Palin and her family, which led to the illegal publication of the emails, including photos and mobile phone numbers, which led to issues such as Bristol Palin […]

Most Barry Supporters Are Negative Nellies

Of course, most conservatives who read this story are going to say “eh, so what? How about telling me something I didn’t know” (CNS News) A majority of supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama describe the economy as either in a “recession” or a “depression,” compared to less than half of supporters of GOP […]

Illegal Immigration Today: College And Deserts

Let’s start in my home state of North Carolina, where sheer brilliance ensues <–sarcasm The board overseeing the state’s community college system approved funding Friday for a study of its policy barring illegal immigrants from admission. Members of the North Carolina Board of Community Colleges said they want to review how the schools’ policies have […]

Sheer Incompetents Surprised And Stunned By Bernake

Nice picture, eh? I call it “Monument to a man who’s motto was “Can Do!” looking over a monument to the Americans who said “kick the Nazi’s, Japanese, and Italians buts all at the same time? No prob.” taken from a monument to a man who said “I will not allow the Union to dissolve, […]

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