Illegal Immigration Today: College And Deserts

Let’s start in my home state of North Carolina, where sheer brilliance ensues <–sarcasm

The board overseeing the state’s community college system approved funding Friday for a study of its policy barring illegal immigrants from admission.

Members of the North Carolina Board of Community Colleges said they want to review how the schools’ policies have changed and to examine admission policies in other states. The board plans to hire an independent consultant for the study, with a final report expected in March.

Here’s an idea: take the unknown amount of money, put it towards the education of North Carolina residents who are American citizens, and tell the people who should not be here and are criminals for coming to this country illegally to take a hike. Simple, eh?

To the deserts

No More Deaths, an Arizona group that favors amnesty for illegal aliens, issued a report Wednesday alleging that U.S. Border Patrol agents routinely mistreat illegal aliens, a charge disputed by the Border Patrol, which says it investigates all reports of abuse and holds agents accountable for their treatment of illegal aliens.

In addition to chronicling alleged abuses of illegal aliens, the report concludes with “Faith Based Principles for Immigration Reform.” The first of these is: “Recognize that the current Militarized Border Enforcement Strategy is an ill-conceived policy.” The second is: “Address the status of undocumented persons currently living in the US.”

“The border blockade strategy has militarized the US-Mexico border, which drives migrants into remote desert regions yet has failed to stem the flow of immigrants into the United States,” the explanation of the first principle states.

“Further, the fragile desert environment has sustained severe damage as a result of migrants moving through remote desert regions and responding enforcement patrols,” it adds. 

We can solve that by building a fence along the entire US-Mexican border. Preferably electrified.

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