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Aside: Sarah Palin Bikini

Stop The ACLU, among others, has a copy of the fake Sarah Palin with a gun bikini picture.

Violent Protesters: Ain’t My Side Doing It

How did the the folks who failed to follow the terms of the 1st Amendment fare from Monday? On Monday, police arrested 283 people accused of firing projectiles, pepper spray and tear gas to disperse a crowd demonstrating near the convention site, St. Paul Police Department Chief John Harrington said. St. Paul police said that […]

Holy Shit! Excitable Andy Is Actually Plugging His Book

Fucking hilarious! A guy who is so in the tank for the most liberal person to ever run for President of the USA is actually thinking he is still a conservative enough to plug his fucking book! No link for Milky Loads, it is a post from today. ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yeah, I know that is somewhat […]

Here Come The Hurricanes Are Global Warming Freaks. Plus The Sun

As regular as clockwork, as regular as moonbats marching in September and March, as regular as Al Gore’s climahypocricy, it seems every time there is a hurricane, the global warming causes hurricanes terminal stupidity starts up Wall Street Journal: Scientists Remain Divided Over Issue Of Changing Patterns in Storms Associated Press: Global warming’s toasty water […]

Illegal Alien Democrat Employee Kills With Bat

Just doing the job that Americans won’t Police say a suspected illegal immigrant working for a Democratic state representative brutally beat another man to death with a bat Monday morning. Froylen Casares, 24, was working at a ranch owned by state Rep. Kino Flores near the intersection of North Tropser and Yukon Roads when he […]

Aside: RNC Protesters Unhinged

Two links you need to check to see the unhinged RNC protesters, who, last time I checked, voted Democrat. See Michelle Malkin and Gateway Pundit.

It’s The Heart Of Hurricane Season

Just a little jog to the right, and Raleigh gets a big hit, not to mention the fact that the track would expose where I live to a pretty big strike at tropical storm force winds. (News and Observer) But the hurricane was also on track to hit the United States. “Right now, the uncertainty […]

Alaska Independence Party And Palin, Part Deux (Update)

So the Nutroots wants tells us that Obama’s long, long, long term associations with people such as convicted slum lord felon Tony Rezko, racist American haters such as Jeremiah Wright and Father Phlegar, domestic terrorist William Ayers, etc and so on, do not matter. Associations that Obama has thrown under the bus (sort of), so, […]

Barry Doesn’t Like The Personal Attacks On Palin

All these personal attacks, such as over pre-natal care, who is really the mother of Trig, Palin’s daughter Bristol pregnant, her supposed support of the Alaska Independence Party, trying to make an issue of a DUI by her husband over 20 years ago, and many others, including probably her hair and clothes, are, according to Barry, […]

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