Barry Doesn’t Like The Personal Attacks On Palin

All these personal attacks, such as over pre-natal care, who is really the mother of Trig, Palin’s daughter Bristol pregnant, her supposed support of the Alaska Independence Party, trying to make an issue of a DUI by her husband over 20 years ago, and many others, including probably her hair and clothes, are, according to Barry, a distraction

“And, you know, look, I come from Chicago, I know politics is hard, you know, it’s not for the faint of heart, I understand that,” Obama continued. “But when we end up involved in these constant distractions, these petty, trivial slash-and-burn, back-and-forth, tit-for-tat politics, so that we no longer talk about the things that the American people care about, that may be good for the television ratings, but it’s not good for you.”

“Real change has never been easy. . . . The status quo in Washington will fight. They will fight harder than ever to divide us and distract us with ads and attacks from now until November.”

“The same efforts to distract us from the issues that affect our lives by pouncing on every gaffe and association and fake controversy in the hope that the media will play along. The attempts to play on our fears and exploit our differences to turn us against each other for pure political gain.”

“I think not just Democrats, but independents and some dissaffected Republicans, are interested not in a bunch of attack politics but in solving problems.”

That is what Barry has said this year. He has already stated that the families are off limits. Will his followers in the Nutroots and the media listen to the guy they back? Or, are they so afraid of a strong woman, something they say they always supported, that they are willing to dig deep in the sleeze to score petty points? Or, do their personal attacks just show they have nothing else? That attacking children and babies is the best they can do?

Maybe the NY Times could listen to Barack

But this clearly stands as a challenge to the traditional image of a potential first family, and could well provide fodder for provocative conversations around kitchen tables or sly references in the late-night television comic-sphere. It will test again what voters deem private, at a time when the Web has pulled down so many curtains, and what in these times is considered a normal family life.

The Times themselves have been part of that provocation and slyness, of pulling down nasty curtains.

For the record, I thought it was a bit disappointing that Bristol became pregnant at such a young age. In today’s society, it can be dangerous to have a child so young without a college education. Neil Boortz has said it time and time again. But, on reflection, I realized that she is not out on her own, but, will have the loving support of her family, the babies father, and, based on the community reaction where she lives, their support as well. The baby will be loved, and should do well in life.

No one is perfect, and teenagers are teenagers. Things happen. Do Democrat voters really want to go there with the sleaze?

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4 Responses to “Barry Doesn’t Like The Personal Attacks On Palin”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach what is YOUR position ARE families off limits ? Should Michelle Obama have been attacked for her statements ? Should Hillary be attacked for statemnets actions done by Bill?
    Looks like I came back from Labrador JUST in time. Oh and Teach the Palin story DOES have legs not because of Bristol but because of the decisions that her mother Sarah made. And they are going to be scrutinized more. What I am waiting to hear about is why Dr Cathy Johnson of Wasilia Sarah’s ob-gyn (who is not an ob-gyn) told her that after her water broke it was Ok to wait 2 hours, give a speech, go to the airport,take a 10 hour flight,drive past 2 hospitals in Anchorage that have special programs for problem births, and go to the tiny Mat-Su hospital. So what kind of practice does Dr Cathy Johnson have ? Well in the professional profile that she has posted on Zoom she is a general family practioner, but it also says that she is the area’s leading expert on the sexual abuse of children. OH YEAH one last thing, is she related to Levi Johnson the father of Bristol Palin’s baby to be ?
    here is a cute baby pic from the myspace site of Mercedes Johnson (Levi’s sister) the caption gives Sarah Palin (pictured) as her mommyonlaw but of course that pic is now months old.
    Oh when I mined gold in AK my claims were really close to Wasilia it was where I would go for grocerries they had a 24 hour supermarket.
    So finally will McCain throw Sarah under the bus and blame it all on the lefties and SOROS ? If he does he will look like he blew the first important decision he had to make. If he doesn’t well this story IS going to continue. And if he does fire her who would step in to a campaign with decreasing chances?

  2. John, my position is to always leave the kids out of it. I was disgusted by Conservatives who attacked Chelsea while Bill was president. Now, if the kids is an adult and starts doing speeches, yeah, they are a target. Spouses should be off-limits, as well as other family members, as long as they stay out of the speechifying. Laura Bush is a fair target. Michelle Obama is a fair target BASED ONLY on what she says on the stump.

    Kids are out of bounds. Period. And by kids, I mean under age ones.

  3. Silke says:

    I agree with Teach. Children should be off limits. I am truly horrified at the coverage of this issue. It has no bearing on the election. I feel sorry for Sarah Palin and her family.

  4. Thank you, Silke. Unfortunately, they are still going after her and her family even today. It is disgusting.

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