Alaska Independence Party And Palin, Part Deux (Update)

So the Nutroots wants tells us that Obama’s long, long, long term associations with people such as convicted slum lord felon Tony Rezko, racist American haters such as Jeremiah Wright and Father Phlegar, domestic terrorist William Ayers, etc and so on, do not matter. Associations that Obama has thrown under the bus (sort of), so, they are old news, and we should move on from those distractions. But, the Nutroots is making big hay over Palin’s AIP links. What are they?

Lynette Clark, the chairman of the AIP, tells ABC News that Palin and her husband Todd were members in 1994, even attending the 1994 statewide convention in Wasilla. Clark was AIP secretary at the time.

Clark says that Palin left the party and became a Republican in 1996, when she first ran for mayor of Wasilla.

In other words, Palin joined a popular group in a small community, a popular group in Alaska, then moved on. And, sure, she has spoken to the group since. Big woop. A group that is

“We are a state’s rights party,” says Clark, a self-employed goldminer. The AIP has “a plank that challenges the legality of the Alaskan statehood vote as illegal and in violation of United Nations charter and international law.”

Some call for secession, some for being a commonwealth. A big part of their platform is States Rights. I can think of one other document that calls for States Rights right off the top of my head.

But, keep digging, Dems. Anything to avoid a discussion on the dangerous and destructive policies of Obama, eh?

PS: let’s not forget the secessionist leanings and calls from unhinged PEST Kerry voters after the 2004 election. Ones who love the F*ck The South screed. The Washington Times and Slate noticed the progressives wanting to separate Blue States from Red States. Remember these?


They were all done by Lefties after they lost in 2004 (they had nothing better to do while lying in bed for days, acting like children.)

But, wait! The Daily Kos, where this whole discussion started, was discussing secession, too!

Of course, it was always just talk, like their promises to leave the USA if Bush won.

More: via Jay at Stop The ACLU

A day after ABC News requested a response from Palin as to whether she was ever a member of the AIP, McCain campain spox Brian Rogers told ABC News that Clark’s “allegations are false.”

“Governor Palin has been a registered Republican since 1982,” Rogers says, providing some voter registration documentation showing her to be a Republican. “As you know, if she changed her registration, there would have been some record of it. There isn’t.”

Rogers says the McCain campaign provided ABC News with all the voter registration information that exists. Rogers says that Palin didn’t attend the AIP convention in 1994, “but she visited them when they had their convention in Wasilla in 2000 as a courtesy since she was mayor.”

He would not comment as to why AIP officials are so convinced Palin was a member of their party. When asked if Palin ever identified herself as a member of the AIP, Rogers said, “No, she’s a lifelong Republican.”

Hmmm. Still want to keep going with this, Lefties?

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4 Responses to “Alaska Independence Party And Palin, Part Deux (Update)”

  1. I see your point, but the real scandal to me regards all these bank failures. Not to mention neither the dems or GOP talk about deflation or all these bank failures, had another one today in GA, Dang, That’s makes 10. Yep Paulin will back fire for McCain, but my pocket is more important

  2. John Ryan says:

    Teach you fail to grasp the significant difference between some (?) Kerry supporters talking about seceding and the presumptive vice presidential nominee doing the same.

  3. John Ryan says:

    And apparently you do not believe Palin’s own statemnets that she never joined that group. well on that we do both agree

  4. You should read the update, John.

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