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Waaa! Credentialed Media Shut Out Of Palin Camp. Wonder Why

Get cBS News a waaaaaah-mbulance. And a tissue She has been a candidate for the second highest office in the land for nearly a month, but Sarah Palin has yet to hold a single press conference. Now, the McCain/Palin campaign is attempting to take an unprecedented step in their apparent effort to protect Palin from […]

New Theme, New Plugins

New theme time! I did love the way the Andreas09 theme looked, and that it was fluid 3 column. Only problem was, I could not get it to work correctly so that the post column would load before the sidebars. You can see a very nice example of Andreas09 at And Rightly So! Raven did […]

AGW Today: More Awareness For Teens

Sad, really, really sad. Nothing like a good brainwashing to get some kids to buy into the “we are all going to die!” climahysteria How long do you take in the shower? Five minutes? Ten? Twenty? Would you take shorter showers if it meant you would be saving the planet? It’s true – heating water […]

HuffPo: All Hail The New Fuhrer, Sarah Palin

It is getting rather repetetive writing that this liberal and that progressive, this blog and that news outlet, have lost it, as their journey down Unhinged Lane has ended and they are now traveling down Interstate 5150. Once again, here we go! Naomi Wolf: The Battle Plan II: Sarah “Evita” Palin, the Muse of the […]

NOW Paul Krugman Is Against Big Government?

In actuality, it looks like Krugman is against Big Government when it is a guy working for Booooooosh!, as Paul is thrilled with the Dodd plan, and against Paulsons, as he writes in a post entitled “Daddy doesn’t know best” Can this be done? Can the Paulson juggernaut be stopped? I’m starting to think yes. […]

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