AGW Today: More Awareness For Teens

Sad, really, really sad. Nothing like a good brainwashing to get some kids to buy into the “we are all going to die!” climahysteria

How long do you take in the shower? Five minutes? Ten? Twenty? Would you take shorter showers if it meant you would be saving the planet? It’s true – heating water uses energy. Furthermore, we all need to cut down on our consumption. Quick.

Unfortunately, too many progressives do not even know what a shower is. Or the pond out back.

Global warming is currently the biggest threat to mankind, which made it all too shocking to discover that most teenagers aren’t even aware of it.

Though it has been awhile since I was one, I was a bit more concerned with school, sports (watching and playing,) and discovering the delights of the opposite sex. And I didn’t trust in what those people over 30 were trying to tell me. I bet kids are the same today. They have enough angst. No need to add to it, especially considering the whole AGW thang is primarily BS.

As part of our media coursework, we were asked to produce a print advertisement for a campaign of our choice. I decided on global warming – it’s amazing that during the last century the average surface air temperature has risen by 0.5C.

Yes, amazing that would happen after the end of the Little Ice Age.

However, I was stunned by the results from the questionnaire I conducted. The majority of teens believe that global warming is a myth or won’t be effecting the planet for “ages”.

Good for them. Don’t be a slave to the tools above 30, kids. Don’t fall for them wanting you to buy carbon offsets and create an economy where you will live a worse lifestyle then those pushing AGW.

There needs to be more done to raise awareness and inform us teens. After all, we are the future. If we all tried to do a little bit, it would make a difference.

Live Earth didn’t do it, eh? Maybe kids are a lot smarter then you think. Maybe they notice when adults are being complete hypocrites. Too many leaders in the AGW movement preach one thing, but never practice it. In some cases, they are worse then average people.

Anyhow, there is a little bit more to the article, including the kool aid drinking by someone who has watched Al Gore’s fiction “An Inconvenient Truth.” The seas are rising rapidly and the coasts are going to flood! Except, they have only gone up a tiny amount, as would be expected when a colder period ends. Polar bears are drowning. Sure, when they get caught in a big storm.

If the climahysterics want people to take Man’s effect on the climate (which Man does have) then they should stop being hysterics. Be calm, rational, do not over-do it, and explain the real effects and issues. Scare-mongering only works on the weak minded, and, even then, many of them can see through the bull shit. Same thing with real environmental issues, too.

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2 Responses to “AGW Today: More Awareness For Teens”

  1. Duncan says:

    Glad to see that the kids aren’t buying into this unproven science hysteria. Ofcourse, that doesn’t mean that the eco-hippies won’t try to influence the next generation in their hopes for a great “cultural revolution“.

  2. The climahysterics are missing that kids love stuff, and if they take us back to life in the 1700’s, kids won’t have shiny stuff.

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