New Theme, New Plugins

New theme time! I did love the way the Andreas09 theme looked, and that it was fluid 3 column. Only problem was, I could not get it to work correctly so that the post column would load before the sidebars. You can see a very nice example of Andreas09 at And Rightly So! Raven did a magnificent job.

I had also run across Symbiot, which fit all the criteria I like, 3 columns, fluid width, posts load first. This one has a bit more color, and, I was going to go with the red, but, as Raven pointed out, doesn’t go with the header. So, changed to blue. I could probably have gone back to My Journal Hypereal, but, eh, new!

Two new plugins. The first is Brian’s Threaded Comments. People can now comment directly to a specific comment, rather then just dropping a comment elsewhere.

It also has a few other capabilities, such as showing that someone is subscribed to comments, it has gravatars, and, it will separate trackbacks/pingbacks from comments if you want. I did change a bit of code in the comments form that comes with the plugin. Down at the bottom, look where the highlighted code is

Copy all the highlighted code, cut it from that spot, and move it under where it says “you can start editing here.” Now, the reason I moved the code is because if you are using a plugin that closes comments after so much time, the TB’s will not show after it times out, because the TB code would be in the “yo, comments are closed” area. This way, they don’t hide because they are in the show comments area.

The other is WP Change Font Size. This allows users to change the font in the posting area (or the whole blog if you want.) It is Widgetized, so, you can see it at the top of the left sidebar.

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3 Responses to “New Theme, New Plugins”

  1. Raven says:

    I love it!! Clean, fast and easy to read.
    I wish more blogs were as well designed AND personal.

    I don’t stick around when a site takes forever to load up- it annoys me and it should annoy site owners too. LOL Finding the perfect mix of fast and personal can be hard. Too many site themes are bogged down with junk that slows everything to a stall…and some don’t really allow for adding the personal stuff that make each blog a reflection of the owner.

    This theme, and Andreas, seem to fit the bill better than most.

  2. Thanks, Raven. And, I know what you mean on bogged down themes. Some have so many sidebar stuff that it takes forever, and, then they wonder why there are server issues. I’ve seen some themes which are loading almost 1mb each time.

  3. Jo says:

    sweet! very smooth.

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