Waaa! Credentialed Media Shut Out Of Palin Camp. Wonder Why

Get cBS News a waaaaaah-mbulance. And a tissue

She has been a candidate for the second highest office in the land for nearly a month, but Sarah Palin has yet to hold a single press conference. Now, the McCain/Palin campaign is attempting to take an unprecedented step in their apparent effort to protect Palin from having to face impromptu questions from national reporters.

Last night, the campaign provided locations for Palin’s scheduled meetings with two world leaders and Henry Kissinger to a network TV producer, who was assigned to provide editorial content on the meetings for the five television networks. The reporter was not going to be allowed to sit in on the private meetings but would be permitted to be on hand as still and video photographers took pictures at the beginning of each meeting.

But just a little more than an hour before Palin’s first meeting was set to begin, the pool producer was notified that he would not be allowed in to the photo spray. This means that the McCain/Palin campaign would get the benefit of free pictures of Palin’s meeting with world leaders without having to face the possibility that the candidate might have to answer a question from the media.

Getting beyond the unhinged antics of Excitable Andy, who, like the Credentialed Media, has been attacking Sarah Palin AND her family in a personal way non-stop since the moment she was picked, and has been completely negative, in fact manufacturing anti-Palin smears, why won’t she talk to the med…..oh, that’s why.

The media has barely looked at Barack Obama and Joe Biden, has not investigated them at all, gives them fawning and positive press (such as this puff piece on Biden) the vast majority of the time, and have lost all semblance of journalistic integrity during this presidential election silly season. Why would Palin even bother with the media? They, mostly, won’t be voting for her. Why waste time with people who are mostly against her? She is taking her message to the people who will vote for her, or might vote for her.

As far as the media goes, they should have their credentials pulled, and all go screw themselves. Especially since they are acting like children who are told they can’t play with a toy because they keep trying to break it.

For a change, I have to disagree with Sister Toldjah and Outside the Beltway (yes, Conservatives disagree now and then). I understand their points, but, the media needs to know that a relationship runs both ways. The MSM can’t act like an abusive spouse and expect no repercussions. As much as we in the Right-o-sphere attack the media for their obvious bias, I am glad Camp McCain has called them out and told them to act like professionals. Enough is enough. I mean, sheesh, Mahmoud Ahmadinejadgets better press then Palin.

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3 Responses to “Waaa! Credentialed Media Shut Out Of Palin Camp. Wonder Why”

  1. Silke says:

    I’m disappointed she hasn’t held one press conference. It doesn’t look good when the vice presidential candidate appears to be avoiding the press. If the media is acting inappropriately the only way to respond is to confront them. That’s what I would expect from any leader. I think she should at least go on Fox News Sunday.

  2. I understand your point, but, in a confrontation with the people who are broadcasting and writing the news, creating the narrative, typically, they will win and the person or persons holding the PC will lose. She and McCain are not avoiding the press: they are blowing them off.

    Conservatives have been confronting the media for decades, but, the liberal media gets to make the narrative.

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