NOW Paul Krugman Is Against Big Government?

In actuality, it looks like Krugman is against Big Government when it is a guy working for Booooooosh!, as Paul is thrilled with the Dodd plan, and against Paulsons, as he writes in a post entitled “Daddy doesn’t know best

Can this be done? Can the Paulson juggernaut be stopped? I’m starting to think yes. Paulson displayed a lot of arrogance here — he basically marched in and said Daddy knows best, don’t worry your pretty little heads about the details. He offered no, zero, zilch explanation of how the plan was supposed to work — just “it’s a crisis and we need to act now.” And he overreached, especially with that demand for immunity from any review.

Now, an excercise for you: insert the name “Obama” in place of Paulson. Or Kerry for 2004. Or for most elected Democrats. Works well, eh? Because that is what Democrat policy tends to be: trust us, and do what we say. Don’t worry if you do not actually know what our plans are. You don’t need to know. It’s not important. Now, go clean up your room, plant a tree, write a letter to the editor, and go off to stand in line to get a minimum wage job.

But, this is the way Liberals act. As 9/11 was happening, and right after, the American People wanted blood, but, the liberals were saying we should move slow, not act rashly, take our time. Why? Well, getting beyond the fact that they tend to be pansies and thought that 9/11 was mostly our faul, there was a Republican in the White House, and making sure Dubya did not receive any political benefit from doing a good job (though that seemed to be the last thing on Bush’s mind), because political power is first for them.

What is happening now is that the Dems need for political power is over-riding the need to do what is best for the United States. Is Paulson’s plan the best? Don’t ask me, that is not my area of expertise. Is the Dodd plan better? Again, do not know. But, the Dodd plan is one which will stretch out the process and make it look like the Democrats know what they are doing. Expect hearings, press releases, and grandstanding. And, if the market meltsdown in the meantime, well, the Dems will blame Bush and the GOP. 

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3 Responses to “NOW Paul Krugman Is Against Big Government?”

  1. Silke says:

    Teach said: And, if the market meltsdown in the meantime, well, the Dems will blame Bush and the GOP.

    Weren’t you the one saying just three days ago that Obama supporters worried about the economy were “negative nellies”? Now you’re talking about a “market meldown.”

    You admit you don’t know which plan is the best. It seems to me a little caution is warranted before we commit $700 billion of taxpayer money to buying bad debt. Paulson is asking for no oversight and no accountability – something that got us into this mess in the first place.

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