ACLU Pitches Hissy Fit Over NC Sheriff

Johnson County, NC, Sheriff Steve Bizzell recently said some unflattering things about both legal and illegal immigrants. Let’s check the story

The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina and other civil rights groups say they suspect Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell of discriminating against Hispanics and have begun an investigation.

In a letter today to Bizzell, the ACLU’s legal director said the groups were “deeply alarmed” by comments that the sheriff made in an interview with The News & Observer. The comments “may constitute direct evidence of racial discrimination and animus” toward Latinos in Johnston County, wrote legal director Katherine Lewis Parker.

Parker asked the sheriff to turn over arrest records, jail book entries, documents related to license and DWI checkpoints and statistical information about arrests. She asked for the records by Sept. 19.

And now the ACLU has “demanded that the Sheriff’s Office comply with their public records request no later than Friday, September 19, 2008.”

I wasn’t aware that the ACLU was a government agency that could do that. If only they would spend half the time protecting American citizens from illegal aliens (why does it seem like deja-vu to write that?) as they do trying to protect people who are here illegally.

Here is the ACLU of NC’s major hissy fit points

  • Pointing to tiendas that have cropped up amid local barbecue joints, saying, “You can’t even read the durned sign. Everywhere you look, it’s like little Mexico around here.”
  • Condemning undocumented Latino immigrants for “breeding like rabbits” and for spreading a culture of drunkenness and violence, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
  • Claiming that undocumented Latino immigrants “rape, rob and murder” American citizens, fail to pay taxes and drain social services, again despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
  • “How long is it going to be until we’re the minority?”
  • “Mexicans are trashy.”
  • “When people think about illegal Mexicans, you know the first thing they think of?” Bizzell says – “driving drunk and shooting.”

Now, some of those points by Bizzell are rather rude, but, really, most of his points of view are correct. I see no point in going through them one by one, you can go through my archives, the archives of Stop The ACLU, Michelle Malkin’s, and many, many others, and see the damage illegals have done. Apparently, the NC-ACLU has a problem with the Free Speech Rights of an American citizen, but no problem with protect illegals who are not covered by the Constitution.

And, in another deja-vu moment, I wonder where the ACLU was during the Duke Lacrosse rape case. Apparently, illegal aliens are more important.

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