Good News! Government Can’t Even Build A Fence Right

And people want government to be in charge of health care, health insurance, social security savings, oil production, etc and so on, why? They can’t even build a damned fence

The Department of Homeland Security said Wednesday that cost overruns, legal obstacles and other problems were imperiling its goal of completing the 670 miles of fencing and technological improvements on the Southwest border that President Bush has promoted as vital to securing it.

Rising costs for construction and materials and delays in acquiring land from owners could foil the effort to build the fence by the end of the year, said officials, who are now seeking more money for the project.

Hey, those are the guys I want telling me when I can go to the doctor.

The report said the average cost had risen this year to $7.5 million per mile for pedestrian barriers, typically large steel and mesh plates, and $2.8 million per mile for vehicle fencing, usually an array of short thick poles. February’s estimates were $4 million for pedestrian fencing and $2 million for vehicles.

If they were a private business, they would be an out of business business. Sheesh!

Meanwhile, a sob story on the children of deported illegal aliens. They know they can stay with their parents, rather then coming back to the USA, right? Money quote, regarding the focus of the story, 13 year old Julie Quiroz, whose mother entered the USA illegally, and has since been deported

The dream that keeps her going?

She’s determined to become a lawyer to fight for kids who are forced to endure painful separations.

“My mom only came here to make a better life,” she says. “I want to be a lawyer to help people in the same situation as me.”

Your mom broke our laws, and, if you do not want to endure a painful separation, go live with her in Mexico. Pretty simple equation.

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