Bar In Chicago Has Nude Painting of Sarah Palin

Traffic Bait

Sarah Palin has inspired editorials, blog posts, investigations and dispatches galore since her announcement as the Republican vice-presidential nominee four weeks ago. Now she’s the subject of a nude portrait, unveiled Thursday and drawing crowds to the Old Town Ale House on Chicago’s North Side. (Uncensored painting can be seen here. -Ed.)

The four-foot-tall oil painting depicts the current governor of Alaska standing atop a polar bear-skin rug in her living room, nude, except for a pair of red stiletto heels and her trademark eyeglasses. In the picture she leans on an automatic rifle while beaming a megawatt smile. Behind her, a window looks out onto a pristine Alaska landscape, complete with a moose that has just ambled into the frame.

In case one thinks this is just mean and rude

The portrait fits right in at the ale house (Yelp reviews), a dark and famously dingy bar frequented by Second City performers and crew, whose walls are adorned with more than 200 paintings of bar regulars and well-known Chicagoans, often engaged in various sexual acts. The Palin portrait has quickly become the bar’s star attraction, drawing a steady stream of picture-snapping admirers. According to the hand behind this and the rest of the paintings, former golf hustler and bar co-owner Bruce Elliott, his latest piece is even pulling in regulars from rival establishments.

It seems a bit tamer then most of the others at the bar.

Non nude below the break. Not the best likeness, but, meant to be sorta a caricature

sarah palin nude painting

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3 Responses to “Bar In Chicago Has Nude Painting of Sarah Palin”

  1. Bruce Elliott says:

    We will be offering posters and t-shirts for sale online. Please contact me via email at [email protected]. We will have a website up very soon for purchases.

    Bruce Elliot (Old Town Ale House)

  2. manbearpig says:

    In all fairness, I’d rather see the painting of Sarah Palin than of *shudder* Hank Clinton.

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